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To date, there are more than 500 MLM companies in Malaysia alone. Most of them have networks that span across the world and members in many countries. Offering all types of products and services, MLM companies in Malaysia can be either local or international.

Background and Success of Amway, Usana and Others

This segment provides you with the most useful information about the MLM companies operating in Malaysia. Check out the companies’ background, origin, founder and financials. You can learn about what their products are and how far they have come since they started out. Where possible, you can read about their financial growth as well.

From the historical background of Amway to the health benefits of Usana Health Sciences, you will find all types of information here that can give you a better picture of the specific company. Read the reviews and accolades received by the MLM company involved and judge if that is what you would like to invest into.

Legitimate or Scams

Entering into an MLM business can be quite risky if you are unaware of where your money is going. While most networks will tell you that they are legal and legitimate, it would be better if you do your own research and decide for yourself. This can be done by browsing through the collection of resources in this segment.

Scam MLMs are common around the world

There has been reports on MLM businesses which happened to be scams in Malaysia over the past few decades. This is quite common not only in Malaysia but across the world as well. However, not all MLM schemes are out to cheat you as there are those that are fully legal and legitimate.

Go through the categories here and find out which MLM company is legitimate and which one has been declared bogus. Check out the legitimacy of their products and what makes them so popular among investors across the world.

Misc Investment Guide

This segment contains all other information pertaining to MLM businesses in Malaysia and the region. You will find all types of resources here that can guide you through your business. This can range from simulations on compensation plans to projecting income for your investment.

Guide to the Best MLM Investments

You will find a lot of information here not available anywhere else. This is because the guides here are to give you better insights into what you are entering into and how you can make more money. While there is no guarantee to profit, the least you can benefit is not losing what you invested.

Check out the reviews made by those who have been involved in MLM businesses which can help you determine if they are sound investments for you. Read stories from those who have succeeded in their own ways and those who did not. Find out what the businesses that are most likely to grow are and other useful information.

MLM Plan Types

An investment into MLM can be very profitable. The trick is to determine which business to enter into and what the opportunities are. All MLM companies have very stable and robust income structures. Most of them provide limitless income opportunities for its members through their plan types.

Compensation Plans and Pyramid Schemes

In most cases, the type of MLM plan is referred to as a compensation plan. This means that you can be required to invest first and profit later, find investors and reap the profits or in other ways. Learn about the different types of compensation plans here.

There is a lot of resources here that explains how the specific MLM compensation plan works and how you can make money from them. Read about the various examples provided and from those who have succeeded previously. Check out if a pyramid scheme is actually profitable for you and how you can make more in the long term.

Other Investments

There are many types of investments when it comes to MLM (Multilevel Marketing) networks. This is where you can check them out and learn more about them.  Learn about what a pyramid scheme is, how compensation plans works and such here. There is a comprehensive collection of information related to investments related to MLMs and how they work.

MLM Opportunities in Healthcare and Daily Items

Whether you are into the whole MLM scheme where you are expected to find downlines and such or intend to have your own retail outlet, you can learn about them here. There are investment opportunities in every sector that includes healthcare, personal care, supplements, daily items and others.

MLM.com.my is where you can find out more about the companies that are involved in MLM businesses. Read about their backgrounds, the people involved, success stories, origins as well as products offered. Check out what makes their products so popular that includes awards won and recognition in their respective industries.

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