AG Cera Nutrition

AG Cera Nutrition provides an exciting business opportunity for those looking for financial freedom through the selling of nutritious products. This is one brand that has charted a lot of recognition in the health and wellness industry, offering a wide range of income options for its members.

Expansion through other experience

AG Cera Nutrition is the brainchild of a group of businessmen who bring with them more than 20 years of expertise in various areas such as marketing and finance. In 2011, they formed AG Nutrition which is set to be a new network marketing brand that will soon become a major name in this segment.

Revolutionizing health and wellness

Since its establishment, AG Cera has grown in brand recognition and product development. Changing the future of network marketing, it has gained a lot of awards and improving the lives of its customers through its products which are highly nutritional and those who are involved in the distribution.

Proven MLM model

Using its Stemcell and Nanotechnologies, members are now able to enjoy the best products through its unique compensation plan. They can purchase the products for resale or for personal use while enjoying income through:

  • Sponsoring bonuses
  • Binary bonus
  • Commission from downline
  • Matching binary bonuses from those in the team in various levels
  • Group Sales bonus
  • Lifestyle rewards
  • Car rewards
  • and many others

Top Products by AG Cera Nutrition

  • AG Cera Nutrition agDRINK – This is a delicious and tasty beverage made from some of the best superfoods. It is your coffee drink that comes with Omega-3, Stevia and Ginkgo Biloba which will improve your brain health and blood circulation.
  • AG Cera Nutrition agCERA – An excellent supplement to improve your general health. This product contains Sakura Extracts, curcumin, hytolive and ceramosides with mixed berries and pomegranate. They will help your cells perform better and repair damaged ones thereby helping to reduce the risk of inflammation.
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