AMC Malaysia

AMC is one of the direct-selling companies which originated from Germany. It is one of the most established MLM companies in the world today that has been around for more than 50 years.

Profitable plan for members

Through its unique compensation plan for the members, AMC is able to establish a strong brand presence among the markets it is involved in.

This is based on the perception that kitchenware is a type of product that requires personalization and face-to-face selling as it involved healthy and hygienic practices.

Unique Business and products

The main focus of AMC is in cooking and kitchenware which is very different from any other MLM or direct selling companies in the world today. AMC has changed the cooking industry since the company was found the Andrew W Garfield through the American Metalcraft Corporation in 1963.

By 1974, AMC has expanded to the global arena and the oval roaster became one of the most revolutionary products ever made. It will continue to grow and expand that include the publishing of Bon Appetit in 1980, one of the best-selling cookery book in the world.

Expanding worldwide into Malaysia

In Malaysia, AMC is based in Shah Alam which supports its members and marketers nationwide. There are more than 10,000 salespeople around the world while more than 3,000 licensed markets and distributors for AMC operates to support its network.

Apart from marketing its award-winning products, AMC is involved in research and development where members are able to enjoy a limitless income opportunity through the unique direct-selling model adopted by AMC.

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