Atomy Malaysia

An effective business model based on Distribution

Atomy started out in 2009 in the United States and has since grown to many other markets. In the next 10 years, Atomy expanded to other countries throughout the world including Japan, Cambodia, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia, among others.

Quality of products is the key

The philosophy behind Atomy’s products is to offer high-quality goods for its customers while providing a sound and feasible source of income for its members. This commitment has brought about various awards and achievements to the brand since then.

Success in 3 key philosophies

What makes Atomy such a remarkable company is in its tested and proven network marketing model. This was designed based on the 3 foundations of principles namely, Principle-Centered Culture, Culture of Accompanied Growth Sharing Culture.

A business model that works

Basically, there are 5 types of memberships that Atomy practices. This is designed to be fairly distributed among all those who are eligible. They are:

  • Sales Representative
  • Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Dealer
  • Exclusive Distributor

In terms of incentives, 44% of the revenue’s Point Volume each week will be distributed to qualified members. In order to accumulate PVs from their downlines, the individual must first collect a minimum of 10,000 PVs. Other incentives include Master Bonus which distributes 20% of the PV from entire sales to those who are eligible.

Top Products by Atomy

  • Atomy Hemohim – This product helps to rejuvenate the body and is perfect for those who are involved in rigorous lifestyles like sports.
  • Atomy Toothbrush – A chemical-free and safe product to be used that helps to remove unwanted stains and stubborn dirt especially in areas that are hard to reach around the gum.
  • Atomy Absolute Cellactive Lotion – This product is specially formulated for anti-aging, keeping the skin shinier and healthier against the harmful agents of the environment.
  • Atomy The Fame Essence – Using a revolutionary formula, this product can be used to keep the skin nourished throughout the day and helps to promote healthy skin cells.
  • Atomy Scalpcare 2 Set – A set of the Atomy Shampoo and Conditioner which is a perfect combination that balances the pH on the scalp, ensuring a layer of protection after application.
  • Atomy Cerabebe – The complete set of 3 products that can be used for infants and kids designed to be kind for the skin and totally safe.
  • Atomy Medicook Wok 5.4L – Use the safest and easiest wok for your cooking and food preparation with this which is made with 5-ply stainless steel to be durable and reliable.
  • Atomy Pomegranate Mixed Fruit – An award-winning product that can be taken to keep your skin healthy and moist and is a great product for women facing menopause.
  • Atomy Vitamin C – Keeps the body strong and away from common sickness. To be taken daily after meals for better and improved digestion.
  • Atomy Probiotics Plus – Comes with 3 billion probiotics which are very good for the body and particularly for the gut and stomach, it helps to keep the bowels healthy.
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