Avail Beauty Sdn Bhd

Avail Beauty is one of the top MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. As with many other MLM companies, Avail Beauty is a renowned name particularly among Malaysians as it is a fully home-grown operation.

Avail Beauty runs its network marketing business through the distribution of its Avail brand. The company was established in January 2005 and has grown exponentially ever since.

Today, Avail is one of the top cosmetic brands among Malaysian women where it operates a strong and broad network, empowering many of its associates with sound financial income while enjoying high-quality beauty products.

Headquartered in Puchong, expanding to neighbouring countries

The company’s headquarters is operated in Puchong, one of the fastest-growing townships in the country.

Through this solid business model, Avail has grown to other parts of the region where the brand is now known in neighboring countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

It was a remarkable achievement for the company as these markets were opened within 3 years while it established a factory with a Huizhou-based company.

Members’ collaboration

As an MLM company, it is important for the company to work together where co-operation plays a vital role. Through its ‘1 Heart 1 Mission Team’ slogan undertaken through the Availian Spirit, the company was able to establish its brand and image across the region in a relatively short time.

Today, Avail’s product range is enjoyed by women from all walks of life while its members are able to enjoy greater financial freedom and stability.

Lucrative income for many members

This is mainly because Avail provides a strong and lucrative income structure that benefits the members who help to strengthen the network through the selling of Avail’s products as well as through the recruitment of new members.

There are in general 4 main categories of products under the Avail group which are Personal Care, Health Care, Homecare and Food and Beverages.

Its flagship product is the FC Bio Sanitary Pad while through its health care segment; Avail offers several types of health supplements for the adult, children and all in the family. It’s A Café Tongkat Ali Cappucino is one of the very popular products offered by Avail as well.

Top Products from Avail Beauty

  • Avail A Café Tongkat Ali Cappuccino – Now, you can enjoy your daily cup of cappuccino made with natural Tongkat Ali known for generations and traditionally to improve blood circulation and virality.
  • Avail iKids – Made from natural cow colostrum from New Zealand, this is the perfect mixture for children that tastes good and also gives them the nutrients they need for a healthy and strong body system.
  • Avail Greenfit – An award-winning beverage that gives your body the needed fiber and greens each day. Ensures good bowel and digestion health internally.
  • Avail Brite Toothgel – This is a non-fluoride and 100% naturally-made tooth gel that is soft and powerful for your teeth and gum. With no added additives, it is made with propolis extract for added protection.
  • Avail Max-Moist Lipstick – Not only does this lipstick gives you the pretty look you want, it also comes with health benefits too as it is enriched with Vitamin E, giving your lips protection against environmental harm.
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