Binary Compensation Plan

A binary compensation plan is one of the plans used in multilevel marketing (MLM). Usana Health Sciences adopt this model because it offers better and more depth for potential earning. The basic concept behind a Binary Compensation Plan is to encourage you to share your business success with others and be paid for doing so.

You will first have to decide whether you want to operate a small or large business which will help you decide if you should open 1 or 3 BCs (Business Centres). The BC here refers to your storefront in which you actually earn income for selling or sharing of Usana products.

Left and right legs matching

In this scheme, once you have enrolled your business with Usana, you can start building your left and right legs by sponsoring new distributors. This is where you will start earning commission through purchasing of Usana products. Every new distributor that enrols under you can be placed in either legs because you need to ‘balance’ on both ends. Once your BCs start to purchase Usana products, points will be accumulated and you will start earning your commission.

Group Sales Volume

These points are known as GSV or Group Sales Volume in which they are collected by both Distributors and Preferred Customers who buy Usana products under your group. The amount you will earn is based on the GSV collected on both left and right legs of your BCs in which a percentage will be multiplied when there is a match between the left and right legs of your network.

Business Centers

If you open 3 BCs, you are multiplying your income potential because it means that your second and third BCs will respectively add up to your current BC. When your Usana business grows, you will be eligible to build more BCs which simply means your income potential grows exponentially.

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