Bing Han Ginseng Malaysia – Panax Ginseng for Improved Quality of Life

Scientific developments have no doubt improved the quality of life, but people’s health has also suffered as a result of technological advancement.Air and water pollution insecticides in vegetables and fruits, growth hormones in meat products, antibiotics, artificial colourings and preservatives, genetically modified food, pharmaceutical drugs and other chemicals are all causing toxins to build up in our bodies. The body begins ailing when toxins reach an unacceptable level.

As a result, cancer, coronary, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and the degeneration of various organs have become common illness affecting all of us in modern day society. Ginseng is recognized as the king of all herbs in Asia.

Enhances the immune system effective against cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, blood related disorders, fatigue and aging.Efficacies well documented in 5,000+ years of medical history. Exclusively used by emperors and the affluent in the past. Non-toxic, non-stimulant, no adverse effect.

Western medicine vs. Chinese medicine

In the last century, Western medicine developed into a science with a narrow focus: researching separate clinical issues and curing the symptoms of disease. Furthermore, in many place, it has turned into an expensive kind of `equipment medicine`, the cost of which society is barely able to tolerate any longer. Human beings, as both physical and psychological entities, have receded into the background. Measured to maintain health and prevent disease have not received proper attention. However, the past decade has seen a rising interest in naturopathy, holistic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Health is, according to Chinese doctors, the equilibrium of body and soul. Unlike Western medicine, Chinese medicine does not focus primarily on the treatment of illness. Instead, it focuses on the entire person– the unity of body, psyche and soul. In Chinese medical thinking, illness is only one manifestation of an imbalance that exists in the person as a whole.

The philosophy behind Chinese medicine is that we live between heaven and earth, and comprise a miniature universe within ourselves. The material of which living things are made is considered to belong to the yin, or the female, passive, receding aspect of nature.

On the other hand, the life functions of living things are considered to belong to yang, or the masculine, active, advancing aspect of nature. Yin and Yang are not opposing forces, they belong together. We carry both Yin and Yang aspects within ourselves. If Yin and Yang are in equilibrium, this leads to overall health and well-being. If they are out of balance, illness and disease occur.

Yin and Yang can be forced out of balance in the human body by external or internal elements. Externally, the passage of the seasons and changes in the weather have an influence on the human body. Those having the most pronounced effect are wind, cold, heat(sun), moisture, dryness and fire(internal heat). Excessive or extraordinary changes in these external elements harm the body, and are referred to as the `six external disease-causing factors`.

Internally, if mood changes such as happiness, anger, worry, pensiveness, grief, fear and surprise are too extreme,they too can harm good health. These are called the `seven emotions`. In Chinese medicine, the six external disease-causing factors interact with the seven emotions to form the theoretical foundation of disease pathology.

An important objective of Chinese medicine is disease prevention. In earlier times, the most esteemed doctors were those whose patients did not get sick in the first place. Traditional Chinese doctors administer herbal remedies in many combinations.

Various active agents in the remedies complement one another and produce a cumulative effect that defies scientific explanation. When disease does occur, Chinese medicine attempts to eliminate the symptoms by stimulating the person’s self-curing mechanisms.

Recently, Chinese medicine and some of its treatment methods have been acknowledged by many Western-trained doctors, especially as an adjunct to standard medical practices or as a means of preventative medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine relies on the use of many different kinds of herbs, the magnificent effects of which are something inexplicable in terms of modern science. When ailments have already manifested, Chinese medicine acts to stimulate the body’s self-healing ability to counter the diseases.

Ginseng: The Root of Bing Han’s Success

Ginseng had long been acknowledged by ancient medical literatures as precious plant capable of “maintaining balance and strengthening the foundations” of the human body. This extraordinary plant was discovered in the mountains of Northern China over 5,000 years ago. Historical records show that ginseng has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for more than 3000 years.

Ginseng is difficult and expensive to grow. Before ginseng can be planted, the same plot of land can not be used to grow another ginseng crop for at least 15 years, during which time red cedar trees are planted. After the cedar trees are removed, the soil needs to be turned over to allow for the absorption of natural essential ingredients, treated with organic fertilizers but avoiding any drugs or chemical compounds. Every two years after planting, the roots need to be transferred to another bed and the four-year seeds can be harvested for cultivation. Because ginseng is not easy to harvest, and because of its strength-giving powers and commercial value, there is very little wild ginseng left in the world. Today, 99% of all ginseng is commercially grown.

Components of Ginseng

Ginseng is a remedy that facilitates a healthy equilibrium in the body,and eliminates disturbances in bodily functions. In doing so, it can adjust its effects to the needs of the individual. This almost unique harmonizing effect is based on the remarkable interplay of ginsenosides, the special active agents of the ginseng root.

Ginseng contains a complex mixture of carbohydrate compounds, nitrogenous compounds, fat-soluble compounds, vitamins and minerals. In the 1960’s specific complex carbohydrate compounds called ginsenosides were identified and tagged as significant active ingredients. Up to 29 different ginsenosides have been identified to date. These compounds have chemical structures similar to human hormones and it is believed that they may work similarly, effecting various enzyme systems at locations in the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, adrenal gland and immune system.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

In China, ginseng is known as the “King of all Herbs”. It is unique in its ability to absorb all the minerals present in the soil over its six years’ growth. It is an effective traditional Chinese medicine with no harmful side-effects that helps the body maintain peak health. Many Asians view ginseng as a regenerative elixir that, if taken over a period of time, not only increase health and vitality, but also prolong life. It is believed that ginseng makes the body more resistant to disease, prevents decline in potency in older men, restores virility, increases general vitality, negates some of the effects of stress and gives seriously ill patients strength, energy and stamina.

Research has found that ginseng has extraodinary health benefits and helps facilitate metabolic equilibrium. Russian research shows that ginseng:

  1. Stimulates physical and mental activities in tired and weak individuals.
  2. strengthens and protects the body and mind when under prolonged strain
  3. Stimulates and improves the working of the brain without the effects of a stimulant
  4. Increases energy and physical endurance
  5. Stimulates the functioning of the endurance system

Naturally, there has been a great deal of research done in Asia on ginseng and its many components. Research done in China, Japan and Korea suggests that ginseng:

  1. Reduces fatigue and increases stamina
  2. Helps the formation of red blood cells and counters anemia
  3. Improves metal conditions and helps prevent neuroses
  4. Enhance body metabolism, balance the hormonal system and helps prevent diabetes
  5. Normalizes pulmonary functions, prevents coughing, tuberculosis and asthma
  6. Strengthens the gastrointestinal system and helps facilitate liver regeneration
  7. Detoxifies poisons,enhances blood alcohol clearance, reduces the effect of alcohol
  8. Intoxication and helps reduce hangovers

In America, ginseng is being used to increase vitality, raise energy levels, improve athletic performance, build stamina and treat certain health problems. Researchers are investigating claims that ginseng can help adjust blood pressure, reduce blood sugar and may be advantageous in the treatment of cancers, tuberculosis, diarrhea, kidney degeneration, rheumatism, shock and depression.

Additional research has shown that specific ginsenosides can stimulate the brain, sedate the central nervous system, balance certain metabolic processes, improve muscle tone,stimulate the endocrine system and help balance hormone levels. Research also suggests ginsenosides may be anti-tumour and anti-viral.

Although ginseng is not a drug or a stimulant, many agree that if taken for a period of time,ginseng can increase feelings of well-being, relieve fatigue and weak conditions and strengthen bodily functions. Studies in Japan and the United Stated have shown that ginseng may reduce cell damage, thus help counteract age-related changes.

Components of the Ginseng Root

Specific Active Agents
Panaxdiole group Ra1,Ra2,Ra3,Rb1,Eb2,Rb3,Rc,Rd,Rg3
Ginsenosides (+Rh2,Rs1,Rs2)
Panaxtriole group Re,Rf,Rg1,Rg2,Rh1,Rh0
Qleanolic acid Ro
Phenoles Maltol

Non-Specific Active Agents

Vitamins B-12,folic acid,nicotine acid, pantothenic acid,biotin,nictylamide
Mineral salts Copper,Calcium, magnesium,potassium,sodium,phosphorus,iron,aluminum
Trace elements Nickel,manganese,chromium,zinc,selenium,molybdenum,cobalt,vanadium,germanium
Amino acids Aspartic acid,blycine,alanine,proline,valine,isoleucine,tyrosine,phenylalanine,fatty amino acids,arginine
Ethereal oils(0.05%) 200 separate components
Fats Neutral fats
Sugars(5%) Glucose,fructose,saccharose,maltose,trisaccharide

We all have our own personal version of what makes up a better quality of life. Your idea of what is important to you might be hugely different from someone else’s. But one thing is for certain—none of us want pain or fatigue to get in the way of our life’s journey. So, if pain or fatigue (or both) is preventing you from making the most of your day-to-day life, here’s some wonderful news to help you live your life to the fullest, safely and naturally.

Modern medicine has made some great strides in helping us live longer. However, like anything, it has its limitations, and all pharmaceuticals have some risks and side effects. Opioids, for example, are powerful drugs used to relieve pain. But these potent medications come with a slew of unwanted symptoms, like sedation, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. And because opioids are extremely addictive, they can lead to physical dependence and even death. Antidepressants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also commonly used to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

When it comes to chronic illness management, you have more options than just medications to get the job done. If you suffer with fatigue and pain from cancer, fibromyalgia, and other conditions, Panax ginseng may be the natural solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s no secret that ginseng is one of the most widely used herbal supplements in the world. This cure-all wonder herb has been used for centuries to help fight fatigue, alleviate stress, and boost vitality. So, it makes perfect sense that researchers wanted to put Panax ginseng under the proverbial microscope to see how effective it could be at helping people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other illnesses. What they discovered confirmed what traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have known for ages.

Panax ginseng is best known for its ability to improve fatigue. As an adaptogen, it helps the body to manage stress. And studies have found that ginseng polysaccharides (compounds found in ginseng) have pharmacological activity on some of the body’s markers for fatigue. Panax ginseng’s ginsenosides (more compounds in ginseng) may also improve energy and relieve fatigue by improving blood flow to vital organs like the lungs, heart, and kidneys.

Cancer is already a devastating diagnosis. And adding on the debilitating symptom of cancer-related fatigue (CRF), for which conventional medical treatments are limited, makes disease management even more complicated. It’s no wonder then that it’s hugely significant that a 2015 study, published in Integrative Cancer Therapies, showed Panax ginseng safely and effectively improved cancer-related fatigue. It also enhanced quality of life, sleep, and appetite.

Like most people, you’ve probably heard about the amazing health benefits of Panax Ginseng. This powerful adaptogen has been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices for its ability to improve physical endurance, boost the immune system, and reduce the detrimental effects of aging.

But what you might not know is that Panax ginseng also supports brain health.

Though your brain only makes up about 2% of your total body weight, it takes up 20-25% of your blood supply, oxygen, and caloric intake. Obviously that’s because of its vital importance to your very survival.

Though the brain has many function, this article will focus on cognitive health—memory, concentration, focus, planning, and so forth.

What Causes Brain Dysfunction?

Brain damage can occur from a concussion, stroke, seizure, infection, or tumour. It can also happen with chronic illnesses like an autoimmune disorder, neurodegenerative disease, and dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

How Can Panax Ginseng Help Strengthen and Protect My Brain?

There is no guarantee, but with something that is as important to our lives as our brain, it makes sense to do as much as we can to keep this vital organ healthy.

Panax Ginseng Rebalances Your Body

Panax ginseng is one of the most recognized and researched herbs because of its classification as an adaptogen—a substance that can help restore normal function and return a system to balance. Adaptogens have a wide range of biological, chemical, and physical effects.

By improving vitality, managing stress, and supporting resistance to disease, ginseng can reduce some of the detrimental effects of aging.

Panax Ginseng Improves Blood Supply to the Brain

Many brain disorders happen when the brain doesn’t get enough blood supply. In fact, you’ll pass out within 10 seconds of your brain’s blood supply being cut off. And while you can live for about 20 minutes without a heartbeat, you’ll likely have permanent brain damage after only about 5 minutes of lack of blood supply to the brain. Additionally, aging has been associated with reduced blood circulation, narrower arteries, and less growth of new capillaries (the tiny little blood vessels).

Panax ginseng has been shown to be able to improve blood supply to the brain, help manage blood pressure, and improve the body’s ability to make new blood vessels, so it may help with both prevention and treatment of brain disorders.

Panax Ginseng Protects Brain Cells 

Antioxidants have been hyped up for a long time now. And for good reason. They help protect our cells from damage caused by pollutants, injury, toxins, stress, and aging. Once again Panax ginseng shows itself to be a star, as it also fits in the antioxidant category. Because of its antioxidant properties, this well-researched herb may defend neurons from cell damage cause by oxidation.

Another major cause of damage to cells is inflammation. Though inflammation isn’t always a bad thing, chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on brain cells. So it stands to reason that Panax ginseng’s anti-inflammatory activity can also help in this regard.

Panax Ginseng Treats Cognitive Disorders

What about after the brain has already suffered from disease?

One of the possible effects of a stroke is memory loss and dementia. In animal studies with Panax ginseng, researchers found an improvement in brain chemicals that counteract the damage. Human studies also showed improved memory after 12 weeks of ginseng compound tablets.

A human clinical study of Alzheimer’s patients showed that those given Panax ginseng for 12 weeks improved cognitive function over those that were given a placebo.

And finally, a July 2014 study in the Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association showed Bing Han’s Panax ginseng specifically has anti-dementia and anamnestic effects, as tested on rats.

Boost Up Your Brain Health

So if you’ve found yourself giving the “senior’s moment” excuse when you have forgotten someone’s name, lost your keys, or were unable to remember your purpose for entering a room, maybe it’s time to do a little bit more to support and protect your brain.

Inspired to serve, committed to lead

Quality Warranty

Differing methods and poor quality of materials used in the production of most Ginseng products gave rise to problems such as composition disparity, impurities, sand particles, peculiar smell, differences in color and texture, storage and deterioration of product, etc. As such, the natural qualities of Ginseng is lost as they cannot be totally absorbed by the body. To attain the best in our product, the R&D; Dept of Bing Han developed a unique scientific method of processing Ginseng. Purity is maintained 100% to provide twice the effects. Specially packed and sealed under total vacuum, the shelf life of our Ginseng product is more than 2 years.

Return Policy

Bing Han organization strongly believes in the concept of respecting life and promoting life’s value through good health. Our objectives are to serve the community, to search for new breakthrough in life and to create a healthy and harmonious society. The Best Natural Health Food is Ginseng. The Best Ginseng Product is From Bing Han.
Our goal is to serve and satisfy our customer. If you don’t feel satisfy with our product, let us know. We will arrange a return and refund procedure with your ORIGINAL PACKAGE within 15 days.

Bing Han exists for people who want to fuel their excellence naturally

Bing Han connects people who are dedicated to their own health with the solutions they need to fuel their excellence—naturally.

Inspired by 3,000 years of traditional medicine, Bing Han farm and process 6 year ­old premium Panax ginseng. Bing Han shares this healing and nourishing botanical with people all over the world, empowering them to live with more energy, reduced stress, and stronger immunity. Bing Han are one of the most specialized and integrated ginseng distribution companies in the world, leaders in the health and wellness industry.

Bing Han believes in nature’s power to heal and nourish. Bing Han believe that people have the power to take wellness into their own hands through active lifestyles and natural solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should I take this product? When I’m sick? When I’m healthy?

Whether you are sick or healthy, this product will help you attain optimum health and lead a more productive life. Take 3 to 4 spoons of ginseng powder and stir into a glass of warm water. Take 3 to 4 times a day.

If you want to have a quick recovery from an illness then put 5-6 spoons of ginseng powder in every glass, and take 4 to 5 times a day. But remember — this is not substitute for seeing a physician and following his or her advice.

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb and as such it has its role alongside other treatments!*(If you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, anemia and asthma should start with smaller quantity but more times).

What guarantees do I have of Bing Han quality?

Bing Han has been in network marketing for more than 10 years. We have earned top marks from industry and the community for our business practices. We are responsible, honest, and serious about our products.

Each can of Bing Han ginseng is quality certified, and all products leaving our farms and factories are under Bing Han’s strict quality control system. Our company takes full responsibility for the quality of our product.

If the product is so good, why do we still need doctors or hospitals?

We must reiterate Bing Han Ginseng is a health food that enhances your health and not a cure for sickness. That’s why we must not lead consumers into thinking it’s a medicine for treating illness and risk misleading consumers. We encourage consumers to consult their doctors when they are not well and then use our product to enhance their health.

Is the product too expensive?

Few people understand the true cost of a product but when it comes to comparing the prices of similar product in the market, they have little trouble. While Bing Han’s product may appear expensive on first glance,its true value can be verified by consumers. Our product is processed differently from others and each can contains at least 600 grams of six-year-old ginseng roots, so its value is much higher than other traditional products.

Will I experience any side effects if I take Bing Han ginseng?

No — the ginseng we produce is from a natural herb that has been in use in China for over 5,000 years.

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歡迎閣下加入炳翰大家庭! 炳翰的總部設于台灣台南縣﹐分公司遍布亞洲及北美﹐在中國東北擁有人參種植場及 在台灣自設符合國際標準GMP的製藥廠﹐炳翰是世界上經營人參業最具規模的的國際 企業公司﹐對產品的質量控制尤為嚴格。

炳翰企業与其他公司不同之處,是我們自1991年開業以來,只銷售單一產品[炳翰精 制人參粉]。每年營業額超過四億美元﹐炳翰以低熱溫28度C提煉人參的方法目前有 數項專利權正待審批。五千年來人參在亞洲地區一直被視為延緩人體衰、調理體質 及幫助健康的珍寶,所以我們樂于將這名貴的[草藥之王]与世人分享。




該 書的第五卷中有[消渴病諸類]一項.閱讀時可以發現[所謂消渴病是指口乾,小便次數增加,嗜吃甜食,肥胖的人較易罹患……]的記錄,看了就知道是 指糖尿病.由此可知,糖尿病是自古以來就有的疾病,但是在科學進步的現代,糖尿病也可以說是一生難以治癒的疾病.談到藥物,就只有胰島素一項.但是用胰島 素可以產生效果的人只有少數,其餘的人就只能藉著控制飲食,此外別無他法.
我 們食入口中的食品如飯,麵包,粉麵或點心等有糖分的食物經過胃及十二指腸,幾乎所有的營養都被小腸吸收了.這時候分解成為小糖分子,我們稱為單糖,通過門 脈血管運送到肝臟.肝臟將這些小分子再轉換成較大分子的肝糖貯存起來.肝糖配合必要在必要的時候再轉換為較小的葡萄糖通過靜脈放入血液中.進入血管的葡萄 糖來到肌肉或各種器官中便轉換成能量.
如果將這段過程作一番詳細的說明,則是釋放到血液中的葡萄糖被送到六十兆個細胞中,在此轉換 為能量.葡萄糖進入細胞之後像線粒體藥物膠囊的形狀進入器官當中.其間葡萄糖分子不斷被分解,和紅血球運送的氧氣一起和檸檬酸循環這樣複雜能量產生化學變 化.這樣作用產生的能量可以使人從事工作或跑或跳.
細 胞的表面有細胞膜,當葡萄糖接觸細胞膜時,細胞膜表面的一部分會有胰島素附著,稱為胰島素接收器,使得細胞膜的通道打開,因此葡萄糖才能夠進入細胞內.葡 萄糖進入細胞以後,立即藉著胰島素分解酵素(胰島素酶)的作用而分解,葡萄糖離開膜使得葡萄糖門關閉,回復成原有的膜.由此可知,胰島素是在作為葡萄糖能 源通過細胞膜時具有打開通道的功用.
另 一方面,身體的能量無法進入細胞內,因此身體容易疲倦,性慾減退,出現陽痿,而且會有類似老化的現象發生.此外,會有容易化膿,出現濕疹,手腳指尖容易麻 痺,甚至出現神經痛的現象.喜愛吃甜食,是糖尿病患者的特徵,但並非由於嗜吃甜食而引起糖尿病.主要是由於能量缺乏,於是腦中樞發出命令,要大量攝取食 物,結果有空腹感,產生了旺盛的食慾,讓人錯覺到可能是罹患了疾病.
資料來源:<人參的奇妙功效>, 作者: 日本{近畿大學}藥學部教授-久保道德, 編譯: 台北正義出版事業有限公司.

Bing Han dalam Bahasa Malaysia

Bing Han Adalah Sebuah Perusahaan Ginseng Yang Didirikan Oleh Seorang Profesor Yang Bernama Dr. Li He Sun Pada Tahun 1990, Dengan Satu Produk Unggulan Yang Diberi Nama Bing Han Ginseng Powder. Pada Januari 1991, Produk Bing Han Powder Mulai Dipasarkan Dan Mendapatkan Sambutan Yang Sangat Antusias Dikarenakan Khasiatnya Yang Memang Sudah Terbukti Berbeda Dengaan Ginseng Yang Ada Di Pasaran.Dan Dalam Waktu Singkat Hingga Sekarang Telah Tersebar Kebeberapa Negara, Sehingga Banyak Orang Didunia Ini Karena Mengkonsumsi Bing Han Ginseng Powder Penyakit Yang Diderita Dapat Tersembuhkan.

Asal Usul Produk Berasal dari negara negara diseluruh dunia Ditanam diperkebunan sendiri yang terletak diperbatasan antara cina dan korea utara
Umur Ginseng 1 – 6 tahun  8 tahun
Jenis Ginseng Ginseng Merah dan Putih Putih Bersih Alami
Penambahan Bahan Lain Ditambah bahan pewarna dan aroma buatan Tanpa penambahan apapun dan aroma tetap alami
Proses Pembuatan dan Pemanasan Kulit dikupas, rambut dan akar ginseng dikupas
Dioven hingga 128’C
tanpa dibuang apapun, dicuci bersih, dioven 28’C lalu di jemur, diekstrak menjadi bubuk, lalu disemprot dengan uap dan dipadatkan 4 kali dengan 14 kali proses
Khasiat Produk Menambah kekuatan tubuh dan gizi
Terlalu panas untuk tubuh jika dikonsumsi terus menerus
Menambah kekuatantubuh dan gizi
Menyeimbangkan hawa inti tubuh, baik mendinginkan maupun menghangatkan dan dapat dikonsumsi terus menerus
Perbedaan Kualitas
  • Merusak kualitas alami
  • Tidak dapat menyesuaikan tubuh setiap orang
  • Mempertahankan kualitas alami
  • Mudah diserap dan cocok untuk semua orang
Harga Tidak Stabil Harga stabil, sesuai kualitas Produk
Kegunaan Produk               –
  • GERMANIUM : memperkuat daya tahan tubuh, menahan timbulnya kanker, mencegah dan melawan kanker dan tumor
  • AMINO ACID : memperkuat sel tubuh dan pembuluh darah
  • POLYSACHARIDES : menghilangkan dahaga, memperkuat sel darah, mencegah infeksi dan pengerasan hati
  • FIBRIN :menahan lapar dan memperkuat stamina
  • DIANTHUS SINENSES : membersihkan darah, mngeluarkan racun dalam tubuh
  • SAPONIN : memperkuat saluran darah, menurunkan kadar gula darah, memperlancar peredaran darah
  • TERPENES : menurunkan kolesterol dan menghilangkan alergi, mengeluarkan racun dalam tubuh, memperkuat sel tubuh
Pemakaian Kurang praktis Praktis , dapat diminum untuk semua orang termasuk bayi dan ibu hamil,hanya diseduh dengan air hangat
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