Brilliant Point

Brilliant Point Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of products that are relevant for the market today. Its product line includes those that are for family health, drinks as well as household items.

Earliest MLM leaders

Started in 1992, Brilliant Point is one of the most reputable and established MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia.

Since its inception, Brilliant Point has been marketing its products through this unique business model nationwide where the brand is used by Malaysians from all walks of life. In 2011, the company expanded its product offerings with the launch of its beauty and diet product line.

Focusing on the benefits of Soy Bean powder

What makes Brilliant Point so unique and popular is its priority and focus in soya bean powder, its products that are formulated from soya beans as well as its Klamath Lake Algae which comes from the United States of America.

To ensure that the products are of the best quality, Brilliant Point uses only the best soya beans that are certified from Germany and Hong Kong as well as soya bean powder that is organically produced which are non-GMO.

Prioritizing health and finance

The commitment is to prioritize the customers’ health and with such a reputable product line, it remains one of the most popular health brands among Malaysians.

Through its unique business plan, Brilliant Point continues to grow through income-generating formulas like its ‘Introduce Bonus’, ‘Business Management Bonus’ and ‘Team Building Bonus’, all of which are specifically designed to offer its members a stable and reliable source of income and business opportunity.

Top Products from Brilliant Point

  • BPI B:Active – The ideal health supplement formulated for the healthy development of body and mind especially for children in the process of growing up.
  • BPI B:Fema – Designed for women and suitable for all ages, this supplement gives you better hormone balance and shinier skin too.
  • BPI B:Life – This supplement helps to improve skin cell activities and replenish those that are damaged giving you better overall health.
  • BPI B:Soya – The most natural and GMO-free beans used to formulate this delicious soya beverage with added nutrients and vitamins.
  • BPI Bcleen Floor Cleaner – Cleans away unwanted and stubborn stains and dirt with this detergent safe for your skin made with tea tree oil extract.
  • BPI Brilliant Fibre Plus – All the fiber that your body needs in this special formula added with probiotics and enzymes for a healthier digestive system.
  • BPI China Famous Tea – Enjoy the traditional favorite beverage by just about anyone made from the best-graded tea leaves with polyphenols and catechins.
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