Cengreen Global

Cengreen provides good income opportunities for its members by offering a unique compensation plan and healthy products. Developed for the health and wellness of the consumers, this company provides the platform for entrepreneurs to improve their livelihood and other means.

Providing natural beauty at its best

Cengreen Global is part of the Century Bond Group of Companies, which has been an advocate of offering natural beauty products. This company is among the few direct-selling firms listed in Bursa Malaysia, bringing long-term stability for its members.

Products that matters

This company has been around for more than 20 years now where it has been producing and manufacturing innovative products for households and consumers. Cengreen Global can now offer more products for good health and wellbeing at better prices while improving the lives of the distributors.

Through Cengreen, the products are mainly in improving vision and eye health as they contain appropriate levels of Lutein, which can combat the negative effects of blue light, a common problem in today’s digital world.

Business Plan for everyone

As an MLM company, Cengreen Global offers a unique and effective business plan for its members who are looking for flexibility and income opportunities. Through the direct selling method, they earn more with better retail prices.

As a result, they are able to enjoy high-quality products that are good for health while earning an income as they go along.

Products by Cengreen

  • Cengreen Konjac Sponge – Made from 100% natural sponge, it cleanses deep into the skin and removes the dead cells. It has a soft texture that can be used for all skin types, including those with sensitive conditions.
  • Cengreen Cen-Roma – An ideal beverage roasted with premium coffee beans. This white coffee formula is specially made to improve your eye-health with a low level of caffeine. It contains antioxidants and good for cardiovascular health as well as Lutein which is good against blue light.
  • Cengreen Cen Co-co – This is a premium chocolate malt drink that will be suitable for everyone. Specially formulated to improve and enhance vision, the young ones will surely love this drink every day.
  • Cengreen Cen-Mocha – Each sachet comes with 0.34% of Lutein which is a known nutrient to protect your eyes from blue light. It tastes great with an excellent blend of chocolate and coffee.
  • Cengreen Green Home Series – This package contains everything you need to keep your home clean and safe. All made from non-toxic ingredients and free from parabens, you have the Vegewash, Undergarment Wash, Enzymatic Floor Cleaner, Concentrated Laundry Liquid, Odor Remover and Handwash.
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