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Diamond Interest

Diamond Interest is a multi-level marketing company that is involved in health products and personal care, among others. It is one of the many companies which adopt the MLM concept that supports a nationwide of independent distributors through providing an alternative income stream that is flexible and very profitable.

Established for more than 20 years

The Diamond Interest brand has been around for about 20 years now when it was established under the Dynapharm Group of Companies. Formulated to offer a business that provides health and wealth, Diamond Interest offers a unique compensation plan which provides the financial stability for its members.

Wide range of choices

This is because as part of the strong network, Diamond Interest has a broad range of personal care and health supplement which are specially formulated and made for the general well being and health of customers.

Earn Retail Profits

Through this business model, members are able to benefit through various ways of earnings as they can make a retail profit as there are special pricing for members. In total, there are 7 main methods that can be an income stream for the independent distributor of Diamond Interest.

Types of incentives

This includes the Performance Bonus which can be as high as 25% while the Personal Achievement Bonus is available for exemplary members. Apart from that, members can enjoy the Leadership Royalty Bonus, Leadership Profit Sharing, a Car and House Fund and the very popular CDM Year-End Bonus as well.

Top Products by Diamond Interest

  • Diamond Interest Yee Yang Yen Grape Seeds – Comes in 300 capsules, the grape seeds are great options to give your body antioxidants to fight free radicals that can cause damage and age in the skin.
  • Diamond Interest D.I Cordyceps – Known for generations for improving kidney and respiratory health, it is made with high-quality cordyceps militaris.
  • Diamond Interest Milk Thistle Tablet – This supplement helps to give your liver an added protection, filtering out food and helps to detox within the body.
  • Diamond Interest Premix Coffee Cappuccino with Ganoderma Powder – Each pack comes with 15 sachets and would be your ideal coffee drink every day. Keeps your body energized and healthy.
  • Diamond Interest Prolink Soybean Drink Mixture with Colostrum – Your perfect drink if you like soybean specially formulated to strengthen your body.
  • Diamond Interest Dyna Vitbion Forte – This supplement contains a mixture of your essential B vitamins to promote better nerve health and other related conditions.
  • Diamond Interest Dyna C 100 – Your daily dosage of Vitamin C can help regulate your body’s cholesterol level and better skin health too.
  • Diamond Interest E-Vita Cream – A great supplement for better skin health while helping to maintain overall health and your immune system.

Diamond Interest
51, Jln Nagasari 1,
Tmn Nagasari,
13600 Perai,
Tel: 604-3974675/76/77

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