doTerra comes from the Latin word which means ‘Gift to the Earth’. True to its meaning, this is the brand that will make the world healthier and better through the benefits of essential oils and related products.

Highest standards in production

doTerra was founded in 2008 with the idea of offering essential oil with the best quality. In doing so, the CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality standard was created and adopted, rolling out the purest and best quality essential oils.

Expanding throughout the world

From its humble beginnings, doTerra has since grown to become a household name around the globe. Today, doTerra is available in 18 markets and this continues to grow through more than 5 million Wellness Advocates and customers.

Effective Business Model

The doTerra difference is in its business model. Adopting the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model, there is a comprehensive compensation plan for everyone involved in the selling and consuming of doTerra products.

There are various levels that you can work your way towards starting from a Wellness Advocate before advancing to higher levels such as Elite, Premier, Platinum, Diamond and beyond.

Products by doTerra

  • doTerra Basil – A popular scent with its herbal fragrance formulated to relax the mind and body muscles. This essential oil is commonly used for stress relief.
  • doTerra Bergamot – Known also as citrus bergamia, it is one a type of citrus plant which has been used for its calming properties.
  • doTerra Cilantro – This herb has been trusted over time as one of the traditional healing methods for skin health because of its cooling and rejuvenating effects.
  • doTerra Eucalyptus – The benefits of the eucalyptus radiate has been known for generations as a respiratory health enhancer.
  • doTerra Grapefruit – This is one popular product that has been used for promoting skin health. It has been known historically as a ‘forbidden fruit’.
  • doTerra HD Clear Facial Lotion – Made from eucalyptus, ho wood, geranium and litsea, this cream is ideal that absorbs easily into your skin, keeping it clear and shiny.
  • doTerra Correct-X Essential Ointment – This ointment can be applied to all types of the skin facing any form of irritation. Made with known ingredients to soothe these conditions, it is all-natural and preservative-free.
  • doTerra Fractionated Coconut Oil – Absorbs easily onto the skin, it is odorless and colorless which keeps your skin hydrated and unclog the pores.
  • doTerra Spa Hand & Body Lotion – Formulated to be kind for your skin, it can be used anywhere to promote stronger skin and shinier outlook.
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