DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd

Introduction to DXN

DXN is a Malaysian owned and managed MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company renowned for its Ganoderma business. The company is one of the most established MLM companies in Malaysia today which was introduced by Dato’ Dr Lim Siow Jin in 1993.

Synonymous with Health products

The DXN brand is very much renowned and established especially among the health-conscious and those who know about health supplements and its related products. The company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia since 2003.

International manufacturing plant

The products from DXN are basically sold through their independent network of direct sellers where they are produced in-house and locally through its 28,000 square feet integrated factory.

To ensure that the products are of the highest quality, DXN ensures that they go through a strict and compliant system through its Quality Control Team.

Founder of DXN

Dato Dr Lim Siow Jin is no stranger to the health and wellness product industry where he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology has undertaken various researches on the benefits of mushrooms that can benefit human health.

Benefits of Lingzhi for the world

His interest stemmed from the goodness of the Lingzhi where he has traveled to several countries and continents to find the best Lingzhi which can be consumed on an everyday basis.

After discovering the ingredient, he shared his knowledge with his network of friends before forming a company to spread the goodness and benefits to the public.

Distribution network globally

The company today is one of the most established MLM companies in Malaysia where it has since expanded to other countries including the likes of Australia, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Sudan, Thailand as well as the United States.

The philosophy behind the success

The company’s philosophy is to offer the best quality products at an affordable price while offering the most rewarding and lucrative business to its network.

Hence, it becomes a very suitable business scheme for anyone who is looking for the freedom to dictate their own business hours while enjoying a stable income by spreading the goodness of the products.

High-quality standards

The company pride itself to offer products that are made from 100% natural ingredients without using any type of artificial preservatives or flavors which are produced and go through the best quality of production possible through its ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TGA certifications.

Not only health supplements

Apart from food and supplements, DXN is also involved with household products where they offer products like dish detergents, floor cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, car wash detergents as well as fuel additives.

Popular personal care

For personal care, DXN’s product line includes the Ganozhi Soap, the Tea Tree Cream, the Ganozhi Body Foam, shampoo, toothpaste, massage oil, talcum powder and others.

The company also distributed skincare and cosmetics that include lipstick, baby oil and such while their water treatment product comes in the form of the Aquazeon Energy Water System.

Top Products by DXN

  • DXN MycoVita – Is a specially-formulated supplement derived from the Ganoderma fruit. Easy to consume and prepared using a shaker.
  • DXN Spirulina – Give your body the protection it deserves with the best-cultivated spirulina with this supplement.
  • DXN Hong T Powder – This is a certified supplement made with the benefits of the Sessile Joyweed known for its anti-inflammation properties.
  • DXN Mengkudu 350mg Capsule – Each pack comes with 30 capsules of this tropical fruit known for building a better and stronger immune system.
  • DXN EuCafé – Get the best of coffee in the morning with the goodness of Tongkat Ali. It comes with 20 sachets per pack.
  • DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee – Enjoy the most aromatic coffee and health benefits of Lingzhi known for promoting blood circulation for generations.
  • Ganozhi Complete Skin Care Series – A complete package if you want beautiful skin. It comes with a Liquid Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer Micro Emulsion.
  • Ganozhi Shampoo – Makes your hair shinier and healthier with its Vitamin B5 and Ganoderma extract which is suitable for all hair types.
  • Vegi Cleen – Wash vegetables and fruits with maximum peace of mind with Vegi Cleen made from corn, coconut oil and organic material making food safe to eat.
  • Dyna Cleen – It’s citrus fragrant gives the clothes you wash coming out looking as new as it should be and keeping them soft and kind for your hands too.
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