Easy Pha-max Marketing Sdn Bhd

Easy Pha-max Marketing is the company that markets Easy Pha-Max products. The company is a subsidiary of the larger group INS BioScience which is involved in the marketing of this brand which provides health supplements around the region.

Easy Pha-max is one of the most successful MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in recent years, often achieving the top 10 in achievements and sales.

Apart from the distribution of high-quality products in its range, the company is involved in the research and development of herbal health supplement products as well, ensuring that only the best quality products are extended to its customers.

Started with healthy food

The company started off in the wheatgrass product category and has since moved and expanded into more products stemming from this highly effective and beneficial food.

Today, Easy Pha-max offers a broad range of wheatgrass-base health supplements that include meal replacement drinks, slimming products, personal care as well as functional foods.

Such a focus has given Easy Pha-max the opportunity to lead the industry of Bio-Herbs health supplements and allowed its members to stand out in terms of products and offerings that will eventually drive a stable income.

Good marketing plans

Easy Pha-max was established in 1996 where through Easy Pha-max Marketing, the distribution of the bio-herbs healthcare products and health food supplements are carried out while the parent company, INS Bioscience Berhad undertakes a broader responsibility that includes investment holding, biotechnology and more importantly, research and development of new products.

In 1999, Easy Pha-max established the first 3G biotechnology factory in the country under the company The Origins Food. 3G here refers to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Food supplement brand

Today, Easy Pha-max has grown to become a renowned brand in the herbal food supplement sector where it has the largest herbal website as well as the Global Bio-Herbs Economic Forum.

The founder of the company is Datuk David Yeat who has envisioned the future of biotechnology and its benefits. As mentioned, the main product range from Easy Pha-max is in wheatgrass which is why there are a lot of products within its catalog that offer wheatgrass as the main ingredient.

Top Products from Easy Pha-Max

  • Easy Pha-Max ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal – A supplement designed to promote better brain health while promoting a stronger immune system, it contains the natural minerals and ingredients that your body needs and more.
  • Easy Pha-Max Pro Can – Take the Pro-can to help your body fight tissues and cells that are degenerative. In the long term, it helps to reduce your risk of cancer.
  • Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Honey – A mixture of 2 of the most potent superfoods, this will surely strengthen your immune system and enhance your respiratory health through the benefits of honey.
  • Easy Pha-Max Bio-Refine – If you are eating wrong, then this is the supplement for you as it cleanses your system from unwanted agents while maintaining stronger cells.
  • Easy Pha-Max So Easy Slim Care – The is the complete set of products designed to help you reduce your weight as it also removes stubborn toxins from your body in the process.
  • Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Powder – Known for its medicinal and used for the treatment of various diseases, this is a specially formulated drinks that can help regulate bad cholesterol with added nutrients.
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