Edmark International

Ideal plan for entrepreneurs

As one of the leading Wellness Products brands, Edmark provides the ideal platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and just about anyone looking for better financial freedom and income. Edmark has grown into one of the largest networks and names in the MLM segment.

Top-quality range of products

Made through a very strict quality system, all products from Edmark International are compliant and meet the standards of ISO 22000:2005, meaning they are of the highest international standards. Besides that, Edmark products are certified Halal and absolutely safe for consumption.

The business model that works

Edmark International, as an MLM company has a strong and reliable group of network marketers. Offering members the opportunity to start and grow their own businesses through their unique and successful Wellness Products Distributors, products are manufactured to offer general wellbeing and good health to its customers.

Income generator and growth

Among the most known benefits of being an Edmark Independent Distributor is having the chance to work at their own pace. This means that distributors get to enjoy low-risk startup capital and profit that can be unmatchable elsewhere. Among the known returns that Edmark International has provided for its members include:

  • High income
  • Travel packages
  • Tested and proven commission scheme
  • luxury cars
  • and many more.

Types of Compensation Expected

Generally, there are a few types of bonuses that distributors can enjoy. These incentives are provided to those who have shown resilience and for those who are eligible. They include:

  • Retail Profit
  • Performance bonus
  • Manager bonus
  • Achievement bonus
  • Travelling Fund
  • Year-End Bonus
  • Car Fund
  • House Fund

Top Products by Edmark

  • Edmark Bio-Elixir – This soya drink can be enjoyed by everyone which comes with beneficial nutrients like amino acid, Vitamin B5 and Glutamine.
  • Edmark Cocollagen – Made with amino acid and marine collagen formulated to improve and strengthen skin health and has a tasty chocolaty taste.
  • Edmark Café Troika – A great coffee formula to be taken daily for good health. Made with Tongkat Ali, Ganoderma and Ginseng that can promote blood better circulation.
  • Edmark Capuccino – An instant coffee mix that helps to reduce and regulate blood sugar level and promote better brain health and balance your body’s pH.
  • Edmark Hawaiian Spirulina – Contains the potent nutrient that helps to keep your body strong and in the production of energy while lowering your blood pressure.
  • Edmark Classic Mint – Small packet and easy to bring along to keep your breath fresh and good throughout the day while keeping out germs and bacteria.
  • Edmark Splina Cholorphyl Toothpaste – The perfect toothpaste for brushing that puts a layer of protection for the gum to kill germs and remove stains.
  • Edmark Splina Chlorophyll Soap – Natural and organic ingredients that cleanse and protect. It is soft for the skin with no harmful chemicals.
  • Edmark InstaSoup – Made using beneficial ingredients like Inulin, a type of good bacteria for healthy digestion, this keeps you full without needing to eat too much.
  • Edmark SpiRO – This instant cereal mix is perfect for breakfast that supplies energy for your body and keeps you healthy throughout.
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