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Elken Malaysia is one of the most established MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. Set up in 1995, the philosophy behind this company was in the enriching of lives where it offers a wide range of health-related products to its customers.

Effective Business Model

Where this is concerned, Elken adopts a very effective business model that deals with various aspects of everyday life like personal development, confidence, financial well-being, careers and most importantly, in health.

Through the personal development structure offered by Elken, customers are now able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while members enjoy affordable products while enriching themselves financially.

Elken is one of the top 10 MLM companies in Malaysia today where through leading the direct-selling industry has enjoyed considerable success not only within Malaysia.

Since its establishment, Elken has grown by leaps and bounds where its network now spans across various countries around the region that include neighbors like Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and as far as towards Hong Kong and India.

Products focusing on Nutrition and Science

The concept of marketing by Elken is on providing a holistic and beauty solution where it focuses on 4 major areas like balanced nutrition, sufficient oxygen intake, detoxification and health regulation as promoted through Elken’s own and revolutionary MRT (Molecular Reform Therapy).

To serve its customers nationwide, Elken is present in 7 main branches located in Penang, Seberang Jaya, Ipoh in the north, Ipoh, Kuantan in the central, while East Malaysia customers can benefit through the Kuching and Kota Kinbalu branches respectively.

Elken recently renovated its Elken Convention Center to include a 1000-pax multi-purpose training hall where members can congregate and learn more about strategies and the products offered by this highly successful company.

Heard of Elkenians?

As part of the Elken network, members (who are known was Elkenians) are able to enjoy a wide variety of assistance and facilities that include the multi-purpose training hall, beauty galleries and lounges as well as the Elken’s own flagship store, the EK One.

On top of that, there are more than 100 stockists located and operating around the country where they can gain further knowledge about the products and offerings.

Elken’s main distribution channel of its products and services are through the MLM structure. By this, Elken is able to better market its product through the direct-selling and personal method.

It offers flexibility for the member as well as the ability to run a simple and home-based business that can be customized for convenience and income.

Where is Elken Water Filter from?

Elken is a healthcare brand that originated in Malaysia. Elken’s head office is located in Jalan Kelang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

Where can I buy Elken Water filters?

You can buy from more than 100 stockists across Malaysia. However, you can also buy this product if you are in:

  • Singapore
  • India
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand

Will Elken Water filter increase my water bills every month?

The difference is barely unnoticeable. On average, you will probably pay not more than RM5 more each month. That is a very low amount which brings about a lot of health benefits.

What are the benefits of drinking water through Elken products?

  • High-technology: Elken water filter uses activated carbon and ultraviolet light.
  • Harmful agents: Organic chemicals in your water will be removed. This includes pesticides, herbicides, and any dangerous agents like bacteria and viruses.
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane: With this method, all contaminants can be removed making your water as pure as possible.

Is Elken Water an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company?

Yes, and it sells products through stockists.

Can I buy Elken Water filter from electrical shops?

At the moment, you can only buy through the stockists.

What about support?

Don’t worry about support. The Elken company provides excellent 24-hour turnaround service and after-sales support. It consists of over 150 technicians who are on call through its mobile vehicles as well as 14 service centers nationwide.

Why do I need Elken Water filters?

  • Cleanliness: The water system that comes through our homes are not as clean as you might think. While there are filtration systems in place, by the time water reaches your home, the water would have been exposed through pipes, contaminants, and many forms of air pollutants.
  • Health: Water is the most basic need for humans. Consuming the purest water will ensure your health is maintained and taken care of.

Top Products from Elken

  • Elken Spirulina – Comes in 3 different packagings, it is made to come with more than 60 natural nutrients like protein, vitamins, chlorophyll and many more, all of which are formulated to give your body a better immune system and general health.
  • Elken Bio Pure – Elken Bio Pure is a revolutionary water purifier that ensures that the water you consume is as clean as possible, removing any unwanted bacteria and other harmful agents.
  • Elken Ester C – Take this Vitamin C supplement which is specially made to build a stronger immune system while maintaining good skin health as well.
  • Elken Elg6 Colostrum – Made with pure natural ingredients, this supplement gives your body the ability to build and generate strong cells.
  • Elken Livextra Yang – Made from tomato aqueous extract and nitric oxide, it can protect your body and promote better blood circulation thereby allowing improved health and other benefits.
  • Elken LD Venus Gold – Formulated for women, take this to enhance your red blood cells and for your reproductive system’s health. It can also be taken for the better uterus and vaginal health.
  • Elken Elysyle Advanced Age Recovery – This is the skincare range of products designed for anti-aging, giving skin health improved protection.
  • Elken Laktoze-S – Contains dextrin, probiotics and lactose which when combined protects your gut and enables better bowel health.
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