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Flantech is an MLM company that is focused in the area of top quality health products. It has a very specialized compensation plan designed to offer unlimited income potential for its members who will enjoy better financial stability as well as the benefits of the health products.

Best of both worlds

Flantech’s commitment is to offer products that are environmentally friendly using the best and most balanced organic formula. Its offerings are made from ingredients that are natural and nutritious and provides for total wellness that covers the body, mind and soul.

A unique concept for members

What makes Flantech’s compensation plan so unique and effective is its focus on the 3S Principles which are selling, sponsoring and servicing.

This commitment allows Flantech to better provide for its customers through a unique support system for its distributors. As such, distributors are able to market Flantech better through a cohesive network of cooperation and collaboration between them.

Compensation Plan which is fair

Through the unique compensation plan adopted by Flantech, distributors have more freedom in the selling of products and recruitment of new members as there is no group maintenance and has a high retention rate.

They can enjoy retail profits through special pricing while earning through the very effective Lock-Nut system which has one of the best income generators in the market.

Top Products by Flantech

  • Flantech Crystal Energy – This product is the perfect one to have which helps in balancing the pH in your water system while enhancing the delivery of your nutrients.
  • Flantech Mega H – Take this supplement which is rich with antioxidants that help to combat free radicals. It helps to produce energy for your cells through its negative hydrogen ions.
  • Flantech Metazyme – Comes in 30 sachets per pack which helps in digestion and protects your bowels better.
  • Flantech FulMin – Rich with antioxidants, this product has very strong electrolyte properties too. Helps in detoxification and eliminates waste.
  • Flantech Amazing Face Hydrating Moisturizer – Apply your face without any worries or doubts. Suitable for all skin types that keep you hydrating, producing clearer and shinier skin in the process.
  • Flantech Amazing Face Hydrating Cleanser – This cleanser is all-natural and formulated to give your skin the best treatment. It has micro-cleaning abilities that clear oil, dirt and unwanted agents on the surface.
  • Flantech Amazing Body Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion – A body cream that is suitable for all skin types, it is made with Grape Seed oil and Jojoba with anti-aging properties while repairing damaged cells.
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