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Forever Living is a brand of products that was founded in 1978. It comes from the United States and is one of the few prominent companies running under the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing model.

As the name suggests, Forever Living is mainly involved in the area of health products with a strong focus on aloe vera drinks and bee-derived cosmetic items. Apart from that, Forever Living sells supplements as well as products in the personal care category.

Good Home Based Business

In Malaysia, Forever Living Products has one of the largest networks of associates and salespeople in its unique MLM model.

This allows the agents to own their own home-based business while offering them a stable and lucrative income channel. Using the model promoted by Forever Living, it will require very low capital outlay with high-income potential without having to worry about cost and overheads.

Specialize in Aloe Vera Products

The aloe vera range of products is the flagship offerings under Forever Living. This includes the Aloe Vera Gel which is derived from a balanced formula that has been applied for many years now.

Apart from that, its bee products include the bee pollen, bee propolis, royal jelly and bee honey hare among its most successful and best-selling items under this international brand.

Top Products from Forever Living

  • Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel – One of the most popular products which give you the purest and most natural aloe vera gel you can find with more than 200 nutrients.
  • Forever Living
  • Forever Living Fields of Green – Provides your body with antioxidants to fend off free agents. It comes with chlorophyll and rich with minerals and vitamins to give your immune system the boost it needs.
  • Forever Living Aloe Sunscreen – Your skin needs to be protected from the UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen is made from natural zinc oxide that soothes and moisturizes. It is also gluten-free.
  • Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly – If you have skin allergies and sensitivity, use this for temporary relief which also protects your skin from future irritation. It can be used on all skin types.
  • Forever Living Bright Toothgel – Using natural aloe vera, your teeth and gum becomes stronger and brighter. Cleans stubborn dirt and food residue while giving you fresh and fragrant breath.
  • Forever Living Bee Honey – This is a delicious sweetener that gives your food that added taste without the calories. Easily absorbed and digested, you get your daily calcium ad phosphorus supply from this drink.
  • Forever Living Arctic-Sea – This gives your body the fatty acid it needs that can promote better cell activities within your body. It helps to repair damaged cells and regulate your blood cholesterol.
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