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Infinitus International

Background of Infinitus

Infinitus is the parent company that owns the Lee Kum Kee brand, one of the most established and renowned cooking brands in the world today. It originated from Guangdong and has been around for more than 100 years now. The founder of Lee Kum kee is Mr Lee Kum Sheung who invented the oyster sauce and used in many types of Asian cooking today.

A large group of committed employees

Today, Lee Kum Kee has more than 5,000 staff supporting its business around the world that covers more than 100 countries. Through Infinitus International, Lee Kum Kee enjoys worldwide MLM business operations that offer a variety of products and many income opportunities.

Founder of Lee Kum Kee

Through the Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee, this company is able to bring the best of Chinese cooking to the masses. Established in 1992, it has grown to 33 branches that offer the likes of health care, personal and home care products.

MLM the way forward

The MLM business model enables distributors of Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee to enjoy various streams of income opportunities. The retail profit is the easiest and most convenient method of earning an income where it can go up to 25% of the marketed price.

Apart from that, distributors enjoy other methods of income that includes a basic sales bonus of 10%, a 12.5% extra sales bonus, performance bonus, leadership and stable growth bonus as well as excellence and brilliance bonus.

An outstanding achievement bonus meanwhile is given to exemplary distributors which will be 0.1% which will all be added to offer more potential in terms of earnings.

Healthy Life Spanning 3 decades

Infinitus is a very established network marketing company that was founded in 1992. The fact that it provides customers around the world with a genuine way of staying healthy makes it a trusted brand with high-quality products.

Not just about selling

One of the very distinguished philosophy and practice of Infinitus is in its corporate culture. While it continues to offer top-range high-quality products, Infinitus have very stable and robust employer-employee relationships, making it a great brand to work in and work with.

Pushing the boundaries of Chinese medicine

Infinitus is one of the strongest advocates in promoting Chinese health and medicine to the world. From its headquarters in China, Infinitus has become a significant brand synonymous with healthy living across the world.

A Feasible Business Plan

As an MLM company, Infinitus practices the Auto-Pilot Leadership Model. Its corporate culture is known as ‘Si Li Ji Ren’ which simply translates to taking action after considering the interest of everyone else. These have been and still remain among the strongest culture of the Chinese tradition, dating back to centuries.

Household brand of products

One of the most popular names that Infinitus is known for is Lee Kum Kee. All the products and models that Infinitus practices are based on the ‘Three Restoration and Four Habits’ concept that pushes towards their own, ‘Nourish from Within, Get a Healthy Life’ model.

Top Products by Infinitus

  • Infinitus Polysac Plus – Made from some of the most effective Chinese herbs used traditionally, this supplement keeps the body strong with a better immune system.
  • Infinitus Botanical Beverage Mix Chinese Yam and Hawthorn with Probiotics – A unique combination of modern and eastern medicine that can be taken to improve your digestive system and better bowel movements.
  • Infinitus Lily Bulb Plus – A powerful product made from traditional herbs honey and lily bulb which can help to remove phlegm and to promote better respiration.
  • Infinitus Beautrio Whitening – This is the range of face and skincare that helps in anti-aging and to keep the face radiant and shiny.
  • Infinitus Beautrio Firming – A full range of skincare products for the face that includes a cleanser, toner, eye cream, face cream, day, night cream and gel primer.
  • Infinitus BeneLife Health Care Pillow – Comes with benefits like flexible, antibacterial and pressure relief, this pillow helps to provide a good night’s rest.
  • Infinitus Phytocare Conditioner – Use this conditioner after shampooing your hair for better strength and protection which is made using traditional herbs and medicine.
  • Infinitus Phytocare Herbal Soothing Ointment – A must-have around the house which can be used for all purposes like skin sensitivity and irritation. Organic and non-toxic, it is gentle for all skin types.
  • Infinitus Calcium Plus – Taking this supplement helps to strengthen your bones and teeth while reducing your risk of osteoporosis, a common problem with those in the middle-age.
  • Infinitus Gluco8 – This supplement helps to control your body’s sugar level and helps to regulate the effects of hyperglycemic problems.
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