Investing in Gold

It goes without saying and doubt that investing gold is considered to be one of the most ‘stable’ investments that one can embark into as the price of this metal rarely fluctuates unless under some very extreme conditions. Gold has been the epitome of class, richness and status since the early civilizations of the world and this fact has not changed ever since.

Perhaps the only difference today is that people no longer keep so much gold in their possession while banks are offering all types of gold investment schemes which are safer and more guaranteed.

Alternative to Real Estate

In contrast, investing in gold is not as popular as other modes like unit trusts, fixed deposits and the widely popular, properties and real estate. While the other investment methods are known for their lucrative returns in a long term, they require a longer commitment standing and would need more careful planning that span to many years.

Gold investments, on the other hand offer an alternative for those who do not have a large amount of cash to play with. It is also an ideal investment method which need not require a lot of patience. Furthermore, it is easy to invest and with the provisions by banks and financial institutions today, everything is made so much easier and more convenient.

How easy to buy gold?

Typically, investing in gold can be made in various ways. The easiest method is to go out to the goldsmiths and purchase them. They make for good accessories and look good too.

This is where you can buy a pendant, a necklace, anklet or a bracelet and it will be in your possession until you decide to sell them. For those who can afford more, they can actually purchase gold wafers or gold bars and then keep them in the safe deposit boxes.

Another recently popular method is to open gold investment accounts with banks. Today, major banks like CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank are offering such accounts where one can invest in gold by buying them through the banks as their agents. Typically, this is where you will need to open the account with a minimum purchase, which is usually around 5 grams according to the current price of gold.

Tips for keeping gold

After that, you will be able to buy gold as and when you desire and this will be kept in the account until you decide to sell it off later. In this context, the longer you keep them in your account, the better it is as the returns will always be higher. If you keep your gold in the account for 10 to 15 years, the price will surely be higher by then.

Among the many advantages of investing in gold is that it is easy and straightforward. Naturally, it is where you buy gold at the current market price and then keeps them for a period of time. When you feel that the time is right and the current market price is good, then you can sell them.

Always on demand due to currency exchange

There are no elaborate forms to fill up or commissions to pay. The demand for gold is always there so unlike shares, you need not wait for someone to buy them. If you decide to sell, you can do so immediately as there would always be a demand for this metal.

The most common method to invest in gold is to accumulate many grams throughout the years and when the market is strong and the gold price is good, then you can sell them back and earn the profit from there. The rule of thumb is that gold price will most likely be stronger in the future than the time you bought them, hence selling them would be profitable.

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