K-Link International Sdn Bhd

K-Link International Sdn Bhd is one of the ‘youngest’ MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. This is because it started in the year 2000 when the company only offered a few products.

However, K-Link started on the right note when it focused on result-oriented products. From there, the company grew by leaps and bounds and has become one of the leading direct selling companies in Malaysia until it was recently voted into the top 10 MLM companies.

Started from few top-notch products

From a humble collection of a few products, K-Link would continue to expand through its early success to offering more products and it continued to grow momentum where more members were signing up in the distribution of products under the K-Link banner.

Through the determination and belief of its members and a strong offering or products, sales grew and from a meager RM700,000 income start in its first month, today, K-Link’s monthly sales are over RM10 million.

This was the same situation with the membership where from a few thousand hundred initial pioneers, K-Link now operates with thousands of members who run the distributorship for the company.

The Unique Stockist model

On top of that, K-Link International operates through a very effective network of Stockists and Mobile Stockists that number in the thousands located around the country, offering products and services for its customers.

Among the most remarkable achievements by K-Link, apart from its expansion of products and membership is having been able to make inroads and expand to other parts of the Asean market where the K-Link brand is now known in neighboring countries like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines , India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia, among many others.

Globally recognized MLM company

K-Link offers high-quality products that are safe and convenient. It is a globally recognized and approved direct-selling company that not only sells directly to its customers but allows them to purchase products through K-Link’s own revolutionary e-commerce system.

As members of K-Link International, members are able to enjoy a wide variety of assistance, facilities as well as support.

The products that are sold by K-Link range from health food and drinks to personal health and hygiene, household and even in-car care, all of which are specially selected and manufactured for the betterment of its customers in general.

Through this structure, members will be able to consume and use everyday products while through the MLM structure, members will be able to enjoy some financial stability and income as well.

Top Products from K-Link

  • K-Link K-Ayurveda – Using the traditional herbal supplements of the Ayurveda, it enables your body to enjoy a holistic and complete nutritional intake.
  • K-Link K-Biogreen – A 100% organic supplement that comes with 58 different types of nutritional ingredients such as vegetables, nuts and others that can strengthen your body’s immune system.
  • K-Link U-Fresh – The perfect supplement for women, is made from Manjakani, Kacip Fatimah and Pueraria Mirifica that can help improve your general health and replenishment of body nutrition.
  • K-Link Riddance – This is a detox supplement that is good for any age group. Helps to cleanse the body off unwanted toxin and harmful agents.
  • K-Link K-Liquid Chlorophyll – comes with alfalfa extracts that have been taken for generations for its healing properties which can cleanse the body and blood.
  • K-Link K-Omega Squa Plus – A unique blend of Omega 3, Squalene and Lecithin, this supplement helps to produce energy and strengthens your immune system as a whole.
  • K-Link K-Lingzhi Gold – Promotes better blood circulation, this builds up your immune system as well as improving your liver and kidney health.
  • K-Link Propolis Platinum – This is a health beverage that comes with liquid propolis from Brazil which is green and known for producing antibodies for your body while enhancing your immune system.
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