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Kleeneze – An Exciting Home-Based Business

The history of Kleeneze started with a man named Harry Crook. After working in America for the Fuller Brush Company, he returned to England in 1923 and set up his own brush business in Bristol called the Kleen-E-Ze Brush Company.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 1923, Kleeneze has enjoyed a profit during every single year of trading.

1930 saw the company’s first major milestone when it topped a £1 million turnover, which was a massive amount of money back in those days.

 Keze employees

Further products were introduced and Kleeneze obtained a place in history in 1959 by becoming the first company to introduce the 40 hour working week.

In 1970, Kleeneze led the way as one of the first company’s in the UK to pioneer network marketing – a bold step at the time, but they have never regretted it.

By the 1990’s, Kleeneze had become so successful that they were purchased by Farepak – the hamper company, and became part of the now £250 million+ Kleeneze PLC Group.

After celebrating their 75th anniversary in 1998, Kleeneze extended it’s operations into Ireland and changed it’s name to Kleeneze Europe LTD.

Now in the new millennium, Kleeneze has firm plans to expand
into mainland Europe towards the end of 2004.

Kleeneze is a highly successful, ethical company offering the
most exciting business opportunity in the UK & Ireland.

Kleeneze is a Major British PLC with a £100+ million a year turnover.

Kleeneze are experiencing a massive growth across the UK & Ireland and we are looking for people to share in our success.

They are primarily looking for 2 types of people:
Distributors: Self motivated individuals or couples to deliver and collect the well known Kleeneze home shopping catalogues. Flexible hours – part-time and full-time. Typical monthly earnings are £200 – £600+ for only 10-15 hours per week. Click here for further information

Team Builders/Leaders: Serious people looking for a more lucrative income. You will be recruiting, training, and supporting distributors across the UK & Ireland as well as delivering your own catalogues and serving your customers (as above). Many people in Kleeneze are currently earning in excess of £10,000 per month PLUS bonuses and foreign travel incentives.

Retailing – Immediate Income From Day One

networkgeneric1By distributing the well known and highly successful Kleeneze catalogues to households, friends, and family and collecting them a couple of days later, you earn between 21% – 37% profit from all orders you receive.

Literally anyone can do this and that the great thing. Kleeneze is a business for all. You don’t need to have any qualifications or experience, and can come from any background.

It is also important to mention that you ARE NOT door to door selling. You are simply delivering and collecting catalogues, and going around a few days later with your customers’ orders.

The Kleeneze catalogues are the most powerful in the industry.
They do the selling for you !

Your commission is CASH. When you deliver a customer’s order, you collect the money before paying Kleeneze their amount due. The difference is yours to keep – this is your profit. It really is that simple! The more catalogues you put out, the more money you make!

As a guide the Kleeneze average is around per catalogue – meaning if you dropped and collected 200 catalogues back in, your order would be on average £25. You’d get 21% of this which would be £235 – Just for a few hours work.

Remember this is with NO customer base – the idea with retailing is to simply build a customer base of your own and serve them – meaning fewer drops for far more orders.

But this is not the only way you can earn through retailing. You can also earn volume profits – an additional bonus. To quickly explain this look at the following table:

Orders Volume profit
£8225+ 16%
£5640 – 24 14%
£3760 – 39 12%
70 – 59 10%
£1410 – 69 8%
£705 – 09 6%
(Volume profit over a 4 week sales period)
The table to the left simply shows that the more orders you receive every 4 weeks, the more volume profit you are entitled to, on top of your retail profit. In the above example, by retailing just 200 catalogues a week (around 0 in the 4-week period), you receive an extra 6% on top of your retail profit. The more retailing you do the more ‘Volume Profit’ you receive.

You would earn 21% of 0 (retail profit) and 6% volume profit. This would total 6 for 4 weeks.

How many catalogues could you drop & collect in a week? Many people in Kleeneze do in excess of 2000 catalogues a week – think about the volume profit & retailing profit you can earn – with orders over £1200 a week you’d be earning 37% on the turnover for that period!

Remember in Kleeneze there are no targets – only your own. YOU determine what YOU earn. There are no territories meaning  you are not restricted to any particular area.

2nd way of earning in Kleeneze – Team Building

By introducing (sponsoring) other people into the business, you are entitled to extra profits, based on the turnover of your group. This is the network marketing side of the business and the higher your group turnover, the more money you will make. Believe it or not there are people earning over 1,000 per month via this method – let’s look at a simple example :-

You retail just 10 per 4-week period (10-12 hours work per week) and show 5 people how to do the same.

They each earn 18 from their own retailing and an additional 1 in volume profit – as the example on the previous page explains. However as you have 5 people in your team, your group sales is 100 and puts you to the 12% level in the Volume Profit table. Your income is as follows:

21% of 10 = 18 (retailing profit) plus

12% of 100 = 16 (Total ‘volume profit’ bonus from the whole of your group) minus

6% of 100 = 10 (the ‘volume profit’ bonus paid out to members of your team)

Your total income for that period would be 14 – working only 10-12 hours a week

What would an extra 10 a month mean to your lifestyle?

Over the months, as you and each of your 5 people develop their customer bases, their orders will naturally increase, and your personal turnover will also increase. Now let抯 say that you all personally retail 100 worth of business per 4-week period as shown below:

Each of the people in your team are earning around 500 per month. Your group turnover is now £600 (100 x 6).  This will give you an income of 130 for that 4 weeks, yet you are still only spending about 10-12 hours per week on your own retailing!

Why do you earn 530?

You earn 21% retail profit + 16% volume profit on your own retailing and 8% on your group turnover (16% – 8% as each of your people get 8% themselves).

What would an extra 500 per month mean to your lifestyle?

You are now at the Gold Distributor level, which is the first milestone of the exciting Kleeneze pay plan. More information on the Kleeneze pay plan can be found in the free information pack.

As people in your team realise the power of networking they themselves will decide to start building a team. Click here for stage 2 of team building – Helping others to build

Visitor questions:

Q – Do I have to introduce other people to make money?

A – No. Many Kleeneze businesses make a substantial income without team building. In time you can further enhance your income by introducing others if you wish.

Q – I don’t know WHO to sponsor, or HOW to sponsor. Will I get help?

A – You will get all the training and help that you need for both retailing and sponsoring. When you start with Kleeneze all stationery needed to show people about the business is given (video tape, audio cassette, leaflets and more)

Kleeneze – How to get started

If you are ready to start your own Kleeneze business, you can be up and running within just a few days. Give me a ring (Ross) on 01252 715426 and I can arrange the dispatch of your business kit and any extra catalogues you require. Remember – The more catalogues you start with, the more immediate income you can make.

I will also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before starting.It is important to mention that no money is made by anyone from your registration fee.

Kleeneze is in fact a low cost franchise and to get started costs as little as £75.00 (which is covered by a full 14 day money back guarantee), and remember this is not a job, it is your own business.

Your comprehensive business kit includes:

  • 50 Catalogues and catalogue supplements
  • 50 Snappy Bags
  • 100 Customer Order Forms
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Comprehensive Business Manual
  • Kleeneze Pen & Pin
  • Enterprize Magazine
  • Opportunity Presenter
  • 2 Videos + Audio Cassette
    and all the necessary paperwork and stationery that you need.

You will also be a part of the Real Earners Group who were awarded the Harry Crook Trophy 2002. This was achieved for outstanding business development – the support you will be given really is second to none. 

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