LeRoy International

What LeRoy is all about?

One of Malaysia’s most reputable MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies today, LeRoy International was formerly known as Visconti Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. It has been offering high-quality products that are beneficial and affordable since it was established under the name in 1996.

Robust Financial Background

Visconti prides itself to be one of the few MLM companies in Malaysia despite many editions of economic instability and problems that plagued the network marketing industry throughout the years where it is still going strong with a stable and established brand name.

Brand and Stature

Visconti rebranded itself in 2004 to further cement its brand image in the market and to open up new opportunities where it changed its name to LeRoy International, coming out with a new image and vision that will see it expand to other countries in the global market.

Philosophy and commitment to success

LeRoy International’s philosophy include offering a caring sentiment for its customers where it builds its business on teamwork among its members where everyone plays a part in the success of the company.
By offering a range of high-quality products to its customer, LeRoy is able to draw customers but it is in the strong network of the sales team that contributes to its success.

Industry recognition and awards

Among some of the most significant achievements of LeRoy International is when it reached sales of RM60 million in a year which is highly regarded as one of the most remarkable achievements of any MLM companies in the country.

Leroy International is the first company in the history of the industry to officiate the Bone and Joints Day to commemorate the World Wide Bone and Joint Decade Initiative.

In 2006, it was awarded membership in the DSAM (Direct Sellers Association of Malaysia) while it is also the first company in Southeast Asia to pioneer the benefits of Hydrolyzed collagen for bones and joints.

Offering good business income

For those who are looking to chart a lucrative career in MLM, LeRoy offers one of the best and unique opportunities where they have more than 12 different nationalities on board.
The company’s products are mainly in the fast-moving consumer goods where there are many categories of products that are in the nutraceuticals, food, healthcare and beauty products respectively. Its products include health supplement, skin and personal care, consumer goods as well as many others.

Nutritional and Health-Oriented Products

Generally, LeRoy International sells health-related products and among some of their most popular products that include Bio-Magneton, Mr Prune, the highly beneficial LinZhi, and Cordyceps.
During the rebranding exercise, LeRoy adopted the revolutionary Hydrolyzed Collagen technology from Germany. This is where it was found that the product is able to rebuild, renourish and revitalizes bone cartilage among other goodness and benefits of this product.

Top Products from Leroy International

  • LeRoy International 3R Nutritional Drink Premix – Comes with a mixture of healthy nutrients like Magnesium, Zinc, Hydrolysed Collagen together with Vitamins A, B, D3 and C, this supplement keeps your joints and bones healthy.
  • LeRoy International 3R BioChlorella – Made in Germany with the safest and most natural chlorella which can help your body detox and help in regulating your cholesterol level.
  • LeRoy International 3RFlex – This is a special formula drink that is designed to protect your bones and joints. It provides protection and allows your body to form collagen.
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