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MonaVie is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company which is one of the fastest growing companies in the world today. The company is expanding rapidly into major continents that include South and North America, the South Pacific, Asia, Europe as well as the Middle East.

Since its establishment, MonaVie has grown to become one of the most reputable MLM company in the world that promotes their products that bank on the benefits of the acai berry although there has been some criticisms against the claims.

Acai Berry Inspired products

MonaVie’s main products stem from the likes of the Acai berry which is very much known for its health and wellness benefits. The company was first established in 2005 and has been growing steadily and rapidly growing through its MLM model.

Benefits and origins of products

The acai berry originates from the Amazon regions where the products are sold through the direct-selling network, offering the members more time and freedom without the toils of the corporate working hours.

The Acai is known to be the source of life of many and has been used for its medicinal purposes by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. So nutritious and beneficial is the MonaVie that it was previously presented to former US President Bill Clinton and Wolfagang Puck, a celebrity chef.

Thorough Research and Development

It has been found by a researcher recently that the acai berry contained antioxidants that could destroy leukemia cells. MonaVie is an independent distributor where sellers are entrepreneurs themselves.

The products are beneficial for health which have underwent some very thorough scientific research and development before they are sold.

Lucrative Compensation Plan

The company offers 7 ways for anyone to earn an income and with 50% of the sales being paid as commission, it makes the brand one of the most lucrative and rewarding schemes around today.

Among the incentives provided through the MonaVie scheme are Direct Sales, Star Maker, First Order, Executive Check Match, Leadership and Team bonuses respectively.

MonaVie offers a unique business and entrepreneurial opportunity through its Relationship Marketing concept where they bank on their team of people-to-people members to explain the benefits of their products to potential and existing customers.

Flagship products by MonaVie

MonaVie’s products are made from an exquisite blend and combination of fruits which are sourced from globally and from the Amazonian region. The MonaVie which is the flagship product of this company is made from 18 types of fruits as well as the very beneficial Brazilian acai berry.

The product offers a Balance-Variety-Moderation product where the beverage is delicious as well as being a truly beneficial drink.

The drink is known for its benefits which are designed specifically for those who want a convenient way of adding healthy nutrition of fruits into their daily diet. It is suitable for everyone at any age and is ideal for those who are leading a busy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the MonaVie Pulse is an extension of the MonaVie flagship product which is made from 19 different types of fruits that include the acai berry and is integrated with plant sterols designed for easy absorption into the body for those looking for a balanced lifestyle.

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