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Naturally Plus – IZUMIO and S Lutein

Izumio represents the new healthy way of drinking water. You will be among those in the advanced levels when you use Izumio which comes with a very impressive hydrogen dissolution ratio. In fact, it has a 2.6ppm which is among the highest you can find in the market. Don’t let us tell you that. See the record for itself. To date, there are now more than 230 million sold. That in itself speaks volumes.

Bestselling hydrogenated water product in Japan

Izumio was launched back in 2007 and it has helped millions of people across the world enjoy better health and cleaner water. What you get when you drink Izumio water is you get a lot more hydrogen than any other form of water. As mentioned, this patented manufacturing method (garnered in 2016) is now among the highest you can find anywhere. Among what you get from Izumio water include:

  • -570 to -700mV redox potential
  • Negative redox potential and that is where you will appreciate the reducing power in Izumio water

Why Izumio?

Over the past few years, consumers have been a lot more health-conscious. It is no surprise that people are now more aware of what they consume which means they put more priority in health products. That is one of the major reasons why Izumio has become one of the bestselling products in this market sector, particularly in its native country, Japan.

The manufacturer of Izumio water Naturally Plus has taken into consideration the customers’ demands for hydrogenized water products and has been the pioneer in this market, having emphasized on this product much early on. This was to grow by leaps and bounds and in 2017, more than 230 million units of Izumio have been sold.

The production method and packaging technology have since been improved tremendously ever since.
Another factor that must be considered is in the improved filing technology which at 2.6ppm is among the highest in the market.

Before this, they used a filling tank to temporarily store the Izumio Hydrogenized water before they are transferred into aluminum film pouches before they improved on this by immediately packing them under high pressure. This prevented any slight form of hydrogen escaping that resulted in an even higher dissolution ratio.

Customers are hence advised to consume the Izumio water in the shortest time possible after opening the packaging.

What exactly is hydrogen dissolution ratio?

The concentration of hydrogen which is dissolved in water is referred to as the hydrogen dissolution ratio. Redox refers to reduction and oxidation and the potential in Izumio water is lesser than zero. To understand this, it refers to how iron rusts when oxygen and oxidation are combined. Hence, it becomes a lot healthier through Izumio’s water. The specifications of every packet of Izumio water is as follow:

  • Name: Izumio Hydrogenised Drinking Water
  • Volume in every pouch: 200ml
  • Ingredients: Filtered Water and hydrogen
  • In every pouch, you will enjoy 0kcal of energy
  • 0g of protein and total fat
  • 0g of carbohydrates and sodium

S Lutein

Carotenoids are extremely important agents that the body needs to ensure better absorption within the system. This is something that a lot of researchers have been going on about in recent years and that is what consumers across the world have been talking about in recent years.

Are you taking enough nutrients?

It is highly recommended that to stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system, you should be taking 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits daily. The big question really is are you actually absorbing all of the nutrients that you take from these servings?

With food processing losing nutrients, it is highly possible that you might actually need more than that. This is where you need to consider taking some form of supplement that might help your body function better.

S Lutein’s Benefits

S Lutein, a supplement produced by award-winning company Naturally Plus is one of the best supplements that will answer your doubts about whether you are taking enough nutrients on a daily basis. It is made with 6 types of carotenoids that help your body absorb the nutrients it needs. Carotenoids are phytochemicals where you will get, among them:

  • Lutein
  • Vitamin E
  • DHA
  • Anthocyanin
  • Vitamin Bs
  • Zeaxanthin

S Lutein’s 6 Carotenoids?

S Lutein has been gaining a lot of attention, especially with its 6 Carotenoids formula. In every portion of S Lutein, you will enjoy:

  • Lutein – As this is the name of the product, it is the pivotal Carotenoid you will need. In most cases, you will find Lutein in the macular areas of the eyes. Besides that, the body gets its supply of Lutein through common vegetables like Spinach and Kale
  • Zeaxanthin – another nutrient that is known for its similar traits as Lutein, you will find them around the macular areas of the eyes too. Apart from that, Zeaxanthin can be found in animal fat, egg yolks, maize and green tea too
  • Crocetin – Water and oil soluble Crocetin are richly found in gardenia fruit. It is very small (in fact molecular sized) and can be efficiently absorbed by the body. This is one carotenoid that can go to some tissues of the body that many others cannot. It is very popular due to its amphipathic properties.
  • Lycopene – This is the one that is found in tomatoes’ red pigments. Lycopene has been very popular in recent years as studies have found more nutritional elements. The body can easily absorb lycopene that helps you when you consume processed foods while it is used by tomatoes for protection purposes as well.
  • α-carotene / β-carotene – when your body needs to convert certain foods to Vitamin A, this is the nutrient that gets the job done. Carrots and pumpkins are foods that have a lot of these carotenoids (through their yellow and orange pigments).
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