A global brand with a heart

The philosophy behind Norwex is to make a real impact on real people. This is extended to people around the world and it starts from a simple step, which is to reduce chemicals in homes.

Health and wealth

Norwex is a name synonymous with creating better health and more wealth to everyone. For customers who use the products, they enjoy high-quality products while the consultants can earn better income too.

Bugs and windshield story

The story of Norwex goes back to 1994 when founder Bjørn Nicolaisen learned about a cloth that could clean dirty windshield only with water. This miraculous cloth would lead to the starting of the ‘Cleaning without Chemicals’ motto.

Naturally, it invested in the idea of reducing the use or dependency of chemicals in the homes. This forms the very principle that makes Norwex its success to the present day. Since then, it has grown to 3 other continents across the world.

Effective Business Model

Norwex Malaysia, like its parent company, practices an MLM or Multilevel Marketing business model. It focuses on offering a strong support system for its Consultants. This is the very reason why Norwex’s most valuable assets are its Consultants, Customers and Employees.

Products by Norwex

  • Norwex EnviroCloth – This is one of the best selling products by Norwex. The Norwex Microfibre can be used for all purposes including removing dust totally and 99% bacteria from any surface.
  • Norwex Window Cloth – Specially designed for window panes, doors, shower glass, etc, this cloth can easily clean the stubborn dirt off those surfaces.
  • Norwex Bathroom Cleaner – Using a highly-concentrated formula, this is a must-have to remove dirt and stains from sinks, stainless steels, tabletops and such.
  • Norwex Cleaning Paste – This paste is specially formulated for hard surfaces. It can be easily applied onto porcelain, chrome and stainless steel, further strengthening them from stains.
  • Norwex Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth – Now you can wash your vegetables and fruits safely with this cloth as it is chemicals-free and remove the tiniest of harmful agents.
  • Norwex Mattress Cleaner – Just spray and wipe onto the mattress with this enzyme-based formula. It can easily remove any harmful organic material making your mattress safe to sleep on.
  • Norwex Starter Mop System – With Norwex’s own microfiber technology, mopping can now be a breeze. Unwanted stains can be removed with a simple swipe.
  • Norwex Kitchen Essential Set Comes in a set, you have the best of all the top-selling products by Norwex with its very successful technologically-advanced products.

Joining Norwex as Consultants

To enjoy the flexible working hours and income potential from Norwex, you can join this unique business as a Consultant.

  • Login URL:
  • Membership Price: RM388 for a starter kit
  • How to Join? : Connect with a current Norwex Consultant via their official website.
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