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NZ New Image is one of the reputable and successful MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. It is involved in the marketing and distribution of health products through a direct-selling model within the country and the Asia Pacific markets.

Advocating benefits of colostrum

NZ New Image is known in short as New Image which was founded by Mr Graeme Clegg who is one of the strong advocates of the colostrum which was and remains as one of the most important ingredients of the products under the New Image umbrella.

As the name implies, NZ refers to New Zealand, which is where the company is based and started. In Malaysia, New Image continues to perform extremely well where it is among the top achievers of international MLM companies.

Contribution to wellness and health

Today, Malaysia remains one of the highest contributors of revenue for NZ New Image while the company is present in many other countries around the region that includes Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa.

The success of the company lies in its high-quality products which have been the cornerstone of the philosophy for the past 3 decades.

NZ New Image’s offerings stem from its 4 major attributes which are great products, effective systems, incredible people and an entrepreneurial spirit, all of which are combined and designed to offer its members a sound and stable income while providing its consumers with highly beneficial health supplement products.

The compensation plan that works

Through its strong business structure and broad network model, NZ New Image is able to offer better financial security and a higher commitment to good health and general well-being.

It is through its highly specialized research and development in the benefits of colostrum that ensured that products offered by New Image are able to help its consumers, thereby winning several awards along the way.

Top in the world, catered for the customers

New Image in the market is the first and one of the largest retailers of the colostrum in the world today. Its flagship product includes the Alpha Lipid Lifeline and the Bio Rejuv range of skincare products.

The company has won awards like the recent Cawthron Award for Innovation in Science & Technology for its Alpha Lipid Colostem product in 2012, the category winner of the Ernst & Young 2009 New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year award and others.

Top Products from New Image

  • New Image Uriscan Ketone – This product keeps you on track if you are planning to lose weight. Complements with the Alpha Lipid SDII that shows how much fat you are burning and ketones generated.
  • New Image Alpha Lipid Colostrum Essence – Use this face mask that preserves your skin’s radiance while protecting them from damage caused by free agents made without parabens and other harmful chemicals.
  • New Image Alpha Lipid A.G.E Defiant Serum – The serum made from the scientific breakthrough to give your skin better shine and youth. It protects and repairs damaged skin cells and has anti-aging properties.
  • New Image FiberMax – The drink that will help your body remove unwanted toxins and taste good too. Each serving comes with pure and natural fibers while helping you to hunger less.
  • New Image Alpha Lipid SDII – Your body needs protein every day and this is the shake that you can take that gives you more than 60% of daily needs. It also comes with vitamins and helps reduce your appetite for weight loss.
  • New Image K-29 – A shaken drink that you should take for breakfast supplying the important minerals that your body needs. Safe to be taken by any age group.
  • New Image Alpha Lipid Colost-em – The colostrum supplement you need which should be taken by adults. This helps to rebuild and repair damaged cells while keeping them strong against unwanted attacks.
  • New Image Alpha Lipid Lifeline – This is the only breakfast that you need that provides you with a milk-powdered drink, supplying sufficient energy to last you throughout the day.
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