Perfect Pentagon

Perfect Pentagon is a brand of products marketed in Malaysia under Perfect Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. This is a company that is known for its health and personal care products which are marketed and distributed under an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model.

Internationally recognized in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Perfect Pentagon is among the top foreign MLM companies which is under the banner of Chinas’ Perfect (China) Co., Ltd.

Through its superior and excellent research and development facilities, Perfect is able to produce many cutting-edge and highly beneficial products for its customers around the region.

The company was started in China where it operates its own global standard production plants. In 1998, it was among the 10 companies authorized to use dedicated outlets to market their products.

This has since grown to cover more markets around the region where Perfect is now represented in markets like Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia where its broad network now encompasses more than 5,600 chains and 33 branches around China itself.

Strong focus in R&D

One of the strongest philosophies behind the success of Perfect is that it emphasizes a lot on R&D which is carried out by its R&D Centre.

It has a dedicated team at its Quality Control Center, Health Food Production Line, Household Production Line and Logistic/Warehousing departments to facilitate the smooth flow of operations.

Products marketed under Perfect Pentagon are categorized as Health Food, Personal Care, Beauty and Skin Care, Household Products and Health Products, all of which are designed and targeted for a certain market group.

Promises and Philosophy

Through its central philosophy of ‘Three Main Promises’, the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds where it is constantly among the top performers of foreign MLM companies in Malaysia in recent years.

Through its Perfect Series of products, there are many choices that one can choose from that include food and health supplements, personal care like toothpaste and soap while household products include dish washes and detergent.

Apart from that, the company markets car care products as well. Another area of focus by Perfect Pentagon is in beauty products under their Marie-Anne Series that include products for normal and dry skin, oily skin and perfume as well.

Top Products by Perfect Pentagon

  • Perfect Pentagon Mineral Lotion – Keeps your skin cells active and strong while ensuring your skin is moist throughout the day, keeping out any harmful agents.
  • Perfect Pentagon Perlamar Sun Guard – This product is all you need to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Made with blue algae, Vitamin E and Penthenol, all of which are extremely good for skin health.
  • Perfect Pentagon Cleansing Milk with D.N.A. – The perfect face cleanser that clears your skin from the dirt and germs of the day as well as any make-up at hard-to-reach pores.
  • Perfect Pentagon Aloe Gel – Made with the most natural and pure Aloe Vera, your skin enjoys the cooling effect as well as the medicinal properties to protect and strengthen the cells.
  • Perfect Pentagon Nupro Meal – Comes in 30 sachets per pack, you get the benefits of whey protein, spirulina and soy protein which tastes delicious when taken together with milk or soy milk.
  • Perfect Pentagon Oxzy2 – The Oxzy2 is a great supplement that can be taken daily. Mixes well with water and easily absorbed for better health and a stronger immune system.
  • Perfect Pentagon AO Plus – Specially formulated using camellia flower, seabuckthorn berries and black tea leaves, this beverage gives your body better blood circulation and regulates your blood sugar level.
  • Perfect Pentagon Accu Mattress – Made with precious metal’s trace element, this revolutionary mattress gives you a good night’s rest, promoting better blood circulation in the process.
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