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The business of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is highly competitive in every corner of the world and this is the same situation in Malaysia. This is because MLM businesses are not easy to run. The company must have good products to gain a reputation.

Otherwise, the customers would lose confidence which could be highly detrimental to the company. On the other hand, the MLM companies must have a good and proper structure of income for its members.

Among the best in the industry

Therefore, to be among the top companies would surely be a remarkable achievement for any MLM company and that was what was achieved by PHHP Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd. The company was set up in 1996 when it started with a simple commitment to help people for peace and prosperity.

To date, the same philosophy is still being practiced and upheld which allows PHHP to become one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia and around the region.

Customer and people-oriented

Through this philosophy, PHHP is able to adopt a positive approach in offering its products to its customers. Therefore, all the products that are sold through PHHP are for the general well-being and health of its customers.

Meanwhile, PHHP’s MLM structure brings considerable income for its members and distributors who will be able to enjoy financial stability.

A sound philosophy of business

PHHP is short for ‘People Happily Helping People’ where it offers a wide range of products in various categories.

The Nutritional Food Series would be the most popular offered by PHHP where there are products like Phyto Greens, Phyto Fiber, Collagen, Royal Jelly, LingZhi and many more, all of which are carefully made for specific health purposes.

The other consumable product is the food and beverage category which includes Green Tea and coffee choices.

Taking care of the body

Apart from that, PHHP offers other types of products like Body Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care and even Household and Healthcare Equipment. Where this is concerned, PHHP offers face mask, face cleanser and others for beauty, body wash for body care and filtration system through the equipment category.

Ongoing commitment to success

It can be seen and noted that through the wide variety of products offered by PHHP and the types of products offered, the company shows a strong commitment to become the leading healthcare and body care MLM company in Malaysia.

Through PHHP, members are now able to lead a healthy lifestyle while enjoying better financial resources through the selling, distribution and consumption of PHHP products.

Top Products by PHHP Marketing

  • PHHP PhytoLab Healthy Skin Body Bath – A soap made from natural ingredients that come with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils that are formulated to keep your skin moisturized and repair dead cells.
  • PHHP Alkaline Spring Water – This water filtration system cleans the supply coming into your home and pipes that might still contain harmful pesticides or particles.
  • PHHP Eco Cleaner – Gentle and kind to the skin, this cleaner removes all the dirt and stains that are hard to clean using the common home cleaners as it uses coconut oil and vegetable enzymes.
  • PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus – Good for general skin health especially with the Aloe Vera extract that can protect and repair damaged skin cells.
  • PHHP Alijaga Coffee Plus – Enjoy the aromatic Arabica coffee beverage that comes with Gingseng, Dong Quai and Lingzhi, all put together for better blood circulation and better mind power.
  • PHHP Victoria De Rosé – This is the set of lingerie that comes in 5 different unique pieces made from unique energy stones for good health. Consists of a brassiere, panties, body shaper, girdle and vest.
  • PHHP PhytoLab Healthy Scalp HOPS Shampoo – Using traditional herbs, this shampoo is safe and sulfate-free. Formulated Hops extract and Pelvetia Algae, it keeps your scalp healthy and is suitable for all hair types.
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