Revell Global Malaysia

Revell Global Malaysia is one of the oldest and most established MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. The company has been growing steadily and rapidly since it was formed in 1988 in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

In Malaysia and the rest of the region

Today, it has one of the largest relationship marketing networks in the country where its brand has already been expanded and established into neighboring countries like Singapore and Indonesia. In Malaysia, Revell Global has a strong clientele ranging from individuals and families from both the West and East Malaysian states.

Priorities on Quality

The company is registered with the DSAM (Direct Selling Association of Malaysia) while it is also a founding member of the BEIM (Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia). Its products are made with the strictest quality assurance systems.

Their product lines are made to offer the best quality at affordable prices for everyone. At the same time, the company also offers lucrative and rewarding business opportunities for its network of sales teams throughout the country.

Fair business opportunities for all

The company offers a unique global marketing plan that offers entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to start a small networking business with a small number before gradually expanding to others.

One can with the New Entrepreneur stage and work all the way up to become the SGD Super Crown status which is the highest point one can go in Revell’s MLM structure.

Support system for members

To ensure that members of Revell are equipped and ready for the market, the entrepreneurs are provided with training schemes through the 3 Revell Training Schools. There are generally 3 categories of products that one can choose from which are the Choice, Premium and Elite lines respectively.

Choice products encompass affordable products that are used on a daily basis while the Premium category offers products of premium quality and performance. The Elite category offers products that are unique and rare and are priced slightly more than the previous 2 categories although they are still kept at an affordable rate.

Commitment to success

Revell Global is committed to helping its members achieve success at every level whether one is starting off in the business or is looking to expand their operations.

The beginner offers a unique marketing plan which will propel the beginner to become a serious seller in the scheme while those who are looking to further expand and build their network can also benefit from this scheme.

By offering a full range of personal care and household products to the consumer, Revell Global offers a unique business opportunity to its network of a relationship marketing team where they are able to offer more than just products to their customers.

Top products by Revell

  • Revell ION 72 – Take ION72 for your general health. This supplement is formulated to regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Revell CMD – The Revell CMD contains minerals such as magnesium to give your body the energy it needs while allowing you to rest when necessary.
  • Revell Goat’s Milk Chewie – A great supplement for children that provides the benefits of goat’s milk, promoting better health and increases the body’s metabolism rate.
  • Revell Vitamin E Peach Lotion – This body cream can be used for all parts of the body and all day that keeps your skin healthy and moisturized, enabling better and stronger skin cells.
  • Revell Premix Coffee – Enjoy and indulge in an aromatic cup of coffee with the healthy benefits of this Arabic coffee and mineral mixture.
  • Revell Peach Extract Moisture Lotion – Comes with peach extracts which is rich with Vitamins A, B, C and E which can all promote healthy and shinier skin.
  • Revell Apple Extract Facial Cleanser – The apple fragrant will make you want to wash even more. Made with no harmful chemicals and no alcohol with anti-aging properties.
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