Sabah Lotto 88 Malaysia

Sabah Lotto 88 Malaysia

If you are familiar with the Sports Toto 6/52 Mega jackpot game, then you will be familiar with the Sabah Lotto 88 6/45 game. This is where you only need to choose a few numbers, place a minimum and win big money.

Unlike Malaysia 4D games where the winnings are less and very much dependent on how much you place on, the Sabah Lotto 6/45 requires less amount and your winning prize money can range from RM2 to millions, depending on the accumulated amount.

Identify 6 Numbers to start with

To start playing this game, you will first have to identify 6 numbers from 1 to 45. They need not be in any order as the computer system will place them in ascending form automatically.

If you like the to stand a chance to win a minimum of RM500,000, then this game is for you. Of course, with such a big winning, it is harder to win because there are more possibilities than the usual 4D games.

The minimum for this game is RM1.00 where you can pick any 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 45. It can be in any order and if your string of numbers are drawn on the particular draw day, then you win the jackpot. It is as easy as that.

The RM1 that you place entitles you to be eligible for 2 draws which is known as Jackpot I and Jackpot II. The minimum prize winning for Jackpot I is RM500,000 while Jackpot II gives you a minimum of RM5,000 winning.

There will be only1 string of numbers resulted on every draw days which falls on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. On every draw day, there will be a total of 7 numbers drawn which tells you which prize you have won.

Assuming that you placed on the following numbers 1, 4, 6, 14, 28, 40. The result of the day is 1,4, 6, 14, 28, 40 and 45. The last number is known as the bonus number. In the example above, you have won the Jackpot I. but if you have bought the number 1,4, 6, 28, 40 and 45, then you have won Jackpot II.

Winnings roll over to next day

The good thing about games like these is that if there are no winners in the particular day, then the winnings will be snowballed (accumulated) for the next day which means the longer it is that no one wins the jackpots, the higher the winnings.

If you strike 5 out of the first 6 numbers, then you win RM1,400. 4 numbers and the bonus number gets you RM250. If you have 4 numbers from the first 6 numbers you win RM19 while 3 + 1 bonus numbers wins you RM5. If you get 3 numbers you win RM2.

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