Seiketsu Enterprise

In the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business sector of Malaysia, the challenge is to constantly stay ahead of the competition as there are many brands and companies competing. Not many companies stand out and continue to lead in their respective sectors the way that Seiketsu Enterprise does.

A humble start to a leading venture

This MLM-based company is the brainchild of Mdm Vivien Leong Wood and her brother Mr Leong Kai Choh.

The company has since grown from its humble beginnings into one of the most successful MLM companies in the region today which expands throughout the country and to neighboring markets like Singapore.

The partnership has been very effective with Mdm Vivien mainly involved in internal administration while her brother was in charge of the external business operations.

Today, Mdm Vivien is the chairman of the board while Mr Leong is the group CEO whose sound business acumen won him the e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award in the year 2005. Mr Leong is a highly respective man who under the Peesluv Sdn Bhd runs the ‘psychology workshop’ in which he is involved as a motivational speaker.

Where it all started

Seiketsu Enterprise started out in 1987 when it was operating under a small rented office and a single-phase direct-selling business and has since grown to become a wide networked and multi-phased MLM company it is today.

The 1997 financial crisis hit the company but the founders revitalized the company despite the financial challenges managed to stay on top and continue to provide its members with a good financial income structure with top quality products and services.

Expanding through the times

Seiketsu has continued to grow where its business performance has increased since 1999 while the company continued to expand its operations into Singapore in 2005.

Today, it operates from its headquarters in Wisma Seiketsu from its original office where it provides the support and tools for its members who market all types of products in its range that covers household and healthcare products.

Top Products from Seiketsu

  • Seiketsu Lemongrassiel Body Care – Made with rich vitamin and minerals, this is a skin-friendly product which protects and moisturizes. Suitable for all skin types, it helps to ensure your skin stays healthy throughout the day after application.
  • Seiketsu Sweet Floriel Hair Conditioner – The perfect combination for after-shampoo, it is specially formulated with no parabens, enhancing shine and protecting hair fall while softening your hair in the process.
  • Seiketsu Sweet Floriel Hair Shampoo – Ensures your skin gets the treatment it deserves, it strengthens the fiber and protects your scalp. Reduces cracks and split ends.
  • Seiketsu Ketsumi Bubbling Gel – Gives you cleaner and smoother skin made with ingredients that are gentle and safe. This product will clear the dirt from the deepest pores.
  • Seiketsu Smart UV Water Purification System – This ensures water supply coming into your home is absolutely safe and clean with the patented state-of-the-art purifying technology.
  • Seiketsu Chef Ben Series – All you need is this complete set of cooking utensils designed based on the meticulous style of the best in the industry.
  • Seiketsu Healthy Love DIY – A great blender to have around the kitchen which is easy to use and you can be as creative as you like, preparing the healthiest food for everyone at home. Powerful and BPA-free.
  • Seiketsu Blacsemenuro Vegetable Capsule – Known for its medicinal properties, this is your supplement for black sesame seeds which is rich with vitamins and fiber to keep your blood circulation running and regulate cholesterol.
  • Seiketsu SoLuv Intimate Care – Designed to be ultra-thin and breathable, these sanitary pads is kind to the skin and allows you to move freely during the time of the month.
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