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Stemtech is one of the few direct-marketing companies that focus on Stem Cell Nutrition. In fact, being known as ‘The Stem Cell Nutrition Company’, Stemtech is a pioneer in stem cell science.

Well documented research and development

Today, it offers a broad range of nutritional products that have gone through many stages of research, development and testing to enhance and support the body’s stem cells through releasing more stem cells.

More than 4 decades in scientific breakthroughs

The company started in the 1970s who started with a vision to improve the energy and focus of the students of a teacher through the use of AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Before long, the AFA’s benefits were known and when Chritian Drapeau got involved some 20 years later, the botanical researcher and neurophysiologist found a breakthrough.

Products from successful testing

By the 2000s, it was found that AFA could release stem cells to support the body and some 150 experiments later, a proprietary blend of AFA was developed. This propelled for the setting up Stemtech where Christian teamed up with Ray Carter, a business entrepreneur with the vision and foresight to expand the goodness of these findings.

Birth of a new evolution

This came about for the StemEnhance product to be released and Stemtech continued to grow fast and wide. Today, Stemtech has expanded to all around the world where it markets its products like the Stemtech AFA Extract, the DermaStem Renewal serum and the StemFlo, among others.

Profitable business plan for members

It has a highly profitable compensation plan which includes its FastStart Program, the Autoship Unilevel Program and the StepUp Generation program, all of which are design to offer a steady flow of income for the distributor while its Global Pool Program is designed to provide more incentives as well.

Top Products by Stemtech

  • Stemtech AFA Extract Plus – This product is a breakthrough in cellular renewal which helps your body’s stem cells renew naturally. Damaged tissues and organs can hence be maintained and repaired faster and more effectively.
  • Stemtech Stemflo – Contains some of the most crucial properties your body needs like phytonutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols to ensure better blood circulation and stem cell production.
  • Stemtech Dermastem Advanced – Made with organic plants that will ensure better cell health. It has anti-aging properties with no harmful additives. This makes your skin softer and shines better.
  • Stemtech Dermastem Lift – Use this to give younger and more vibrant looking skin. It is made only with natural ingredients like Indian Gentian and Lecithin.
  • Stemtech Dermastem Serum – Works wonders with Dermastem Lift where it provides your skin with continuous protection against harmful agents in the air.
  • Stemtech D-Fuze – Uses EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequency which keeps you protected against any form of harm or radiation in the air from mobile phones and networks.

Stemtech Malaysia, Sdn. Bhd.
Unit 5-1, 151 Jalan Klang Lama,
3 Mile Square Complex
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7980 2007

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