Tiens Malaysia

Part of a global movement

Tiens Malaysia comes under the Tiens Group Co Ltd. The global company was founded in Tianjin in China back in 1995 where it was a huge success. 2 years after that, Tiens moved to globalize the brand and that is where it has grown to become today.

All types of businesses

Today, Tiens is one of the top names in the health and supplements products market. It runs as an MLM company in Malaysia but its group is actually larger than that. In fact, Tiens Group has expanded beyond health products where it has since ventured and become a successful name in areas such as e-commerce, biotechnology, hotel and tourism and educational training, among others.

Renowned products for everyone

In Malaysia, Tiens Group is among the leading brands in its category. This is part of the larger, global name where its business now spans across more than 190 countries. With this platform, Tiens’ products have already reached about 40 million families worldwide, benefitting them in health and general wellbeing.

Wide coverage in Malaysia

Tiens Group moved into the Malaysian market back in 2002. Then, it was the first MLM company that came from China. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Tiens serve its customers and members around the country via its branches nationwide including Kota Kinabalu, Kuching as well as in Brunei.

They now serve their customers with a broad and complete range of products in healthcare supplements, beauty and slimming and home care.

Top Products by Tiens

  • Tiens Chitosan Capsule – A popular traditional supplement used to improve body strength and muscle health and keeping out attacks from harmful agents.
  • Tiens Dong Chong Cao Capsule – This non-toxic and sweet-tasting supplement helps to reduce your stress and tiredness while helping you to rest better.
  • Tiens Calcium Series – Calcium is known to strengthen your bones and teeth health. Tiens Calcium Series is formulated to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, kidney problems and hypertension.
  • Tiens Uniwomen Capsule – This specially-formulated supplement is made for the modern woman using traditional ingredients like Manjakani and Kacip Fatimah that comes with 60 capsules per bottle.
  • Tiens Aprotie Organics – This package is a complete solution for skincare. Using only organic and natural ingredients, they are good to maintain and improve skin health.
  • Tiens Spirulina – Helps to improve metabolism in your body which helps to reduce weight and beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Tiens Vigoros – A popular traditional herb known to improve health. It contains antioxidants that help repel free agents that can cause health problems.
  • Tiens Ezgo Kids Choco Meal – A great supplement for children, providing the necessary nutrients for growing up and building a stronger immune system.
  • Tiens Airiz Relax Combo – Highly absorbent sanitary napkins that keep you dry and versatile throughout the day made with negative ions which are anti-bacterial.
  • Tiens Herbal Toothpaste – Comes with anti-inflammatory properties to keep the gum strong and healthy, effectively removing stains and other stubborn dirt during brushing.
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