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The Business Development Team at Tripod Asia is committed to enhancing your Internet site by providing solutions which allow your users to access the Tripod Asia family of award-winning products and services. These products and business strategies will result in user growth, thereby increasing the revenue stream associated with your web site. Let the Tripod Asia Business Development Team help you turn your web site into a profitable venture.

For more information on how a strategic alliance with Tripod Asia can help you achieve your goals, please email us. A Tripod Asia representative will get back to you and discuss how we can benefit your business. The more information you provide us, the better we can understand the type of strategic alliance that will suit you.

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Offering Tripod Asia users the first one-stop search engine and directory search

Tripod Asia and GuestBook announced today that eGuide’s online directory of local Singapore products, services, and brands is now integrated into Tripod Asia’s Singapore search service.

Tripod Asia has created a one-stop global and local search facility through its improved search interface. “Tripod founded itself on search. We’re happy to now offer users a better search interface that allows them to view results conveniently across many search types: web, multimedia and local services,” says Mark Hobson, Vice President Portal at Tripod Asia Ltd.

eGuide adds a strong local component and is a boon for local companies listing with the directory service. “eGuide is pleased to add Tripod to an ever-growing network of portals and search engines that we help power.

It’s another opportunity for local companies to get in front of Singapore’s huge online audience. With Tripod, we’ve gone a step further in deepening our integration to complement their users’ search behavior,” said Mr. Ricky Koh, Group CEO of eGuide Directory.

“Tripod Asia is the leading Pan-Asian portal and with 3 countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand – of common operations with eGuide, we see our partnership as one of strategic regional significance,” noted Mr. Hobson.

To launch this partnership, Tripod Asia and eGuide has jointly conducted a online search contest on Singapore Tripod Asia site from 2 December 2002 till 28 February 2003. Participants have a chance to win over S$10,000 prizes. Over the 3 months contest, there will be a total of 5 winners per week.

About Tripod Asia Limited 
Tripod Asia is a 50:50 joint venture formed in September 1999 between Terra Tripod (), a global Internet and communications giant and SingTel (), Asia’s leading communications company.

As an interactive media company, Tripod Asia seeks to serve all the basic needs of Internet surfers in Asia, acting as their home base and primary Internet resource. The Tripod Asia network of sites comprises localised versions of, Wired News and other local Internet properties and services.

Tripod Asia provides leading Web search and navigation, Web community services and communication and a powerful suite of closely integrated Web-based communication tools available in many languages. Tripod Asia has the largest Internet network in Asia with an extensive reach of 11 sites over Southeast Asia, Greater China and India. Each portal site reflects local content in the principal language of the respective country.

About eGuide Singapore

eGuide is a provider of internet-based directory services, connecting users searching for specific products and services with the businesses that provide them. eGuide directories are internet based directories that provide users with information on products, services, brands, and contact details of business entities in various industries.

The eGuide database spans 80,000 businesses in Singapore, 180,000 in Malaysia, 150,000 in Thailand and over 1 million in Australia. As of writing, eGuide is also powering the online directories in Yahoo! Singapore, MSN Singapore and MSN Malaysia. The eGuide online search can be conducted via Yahoo! Y! Pages or MSN Business Directory.

Singapore Gets Its First Free Gaming Magazine

Nov. 5, 2002 – Singapore’s first free gaming magazine – Khabal! – for local gaming enthusiasts is being launched today (Nov 5) by leading gaming site, a part of the Lycos Asia network.

The free magazine, which is targeted at the 150,000 gaming addicts that make up Khabal’s fan base of players, will be available at leading gaming software and hardware retailers in the gameware heartland of Singapore. These are Sim Lim Square, Funan Centre as well as other retailers and LAN centers around the city.

For a start, only 10,000 copies will be printed but this could be raised to double the amount, depending on demand. The likelihood of this happening is high as even before the launch, 9,500 copies have already been placed out, says Lycos Asia’s Marketing Manager Carina Lee.

The magazine, which consists of eight pages of colourful graphics, fast-paced reviews and news on the latest releases, is edited and produced by a team of young and passionate gamers who also maintain and produce the site.

According to Ryan Lim who is in charge of business development for Khabal Gaming, the purpose of the magazine is to provide “brief insights into the world of gaming” for the uninitiated and to also give addicts bite-sized news of trends in the industry.

About Khabal Gaming

Khabal Gaming is a gaming portal that is wholly owned by Lycos Asia Limited, formed in July 2001 by a group of tech-savvy, creative gamers.
With more than 250 000 visitors a month, Khabal Gaming is Singapore’s leading gaming site for all the latest news, reviews, previews and trends in the gaming world. Khabal Gaming also possesses the region’s most vibrant online community of volunteers who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep the Web site updated, lively and interesting.

This massive support from the online community has enabled Khabal Gaming to organize and run mega-events like the PC gaming segment of the Asia Consumer Electronics (ACE) expo in December 2001, and the World Cyber Games 2002 in Sept 2002.

About Lycos Asia
Lycos Asia is a 50:50 venture formed in September 1999 between Terra Lycos , a global Internet and communications giant and SingTel , Asia’s leading communications company.
As an interactive media company, Lycos Asia serves all the basic needs of Internet surfers in Asia, acting as their home base and primary Internet resource.

The Lycos Asia network of sites comprises localised versions of, Wired News and other local Internet properties and services. Lycos Asia provides leading Web search and navigation, homepage building and Web community services and communication and personalization tools. Lycos Asia has the largest Internet network in Asia with an extensive reach of 11 Web sites over South-east Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India. Each site reflects local content in the principal language of the country.


The football world’s most famous club, Manchester United, together with its business partner Lycos Asia, today unveiled the Club’s new Chinese website – – dedicated to reaching the team’s millions of fans in China.

The launch – graced by British football legend and ex Manchester United star Sir Bobby Charlton – marks the first time an English Premier League club has set up a website in China in partnership with a major international portal. The Chinese football site is also the British club’s only non-English language site.

The website will feature exclusive up-to-date and in-depth news, articles and information on Manchester United’s activities, players, fixtures and match schedules. Chinese fans will also enter contests, chat with other fans, vote their favourite players, watch streaming videos of spectacular goals and take a virtual tour of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium – known throughout the world as the Theatre of Dreams.

Explaining the significance of his club’s presence in China, Mr David Gill, Manchester United’s Managing Director said that the launch of the Chinese website was a “very important step” in the club’s global business strategy. “Manchester United will build on Lycos Asia’s knowledge of the China market and its huge user base, to bring the Club closer to millions of its Chinese fans via the internet,” he said.

The alliance between Manchester United and Lycos Asia was forged in May this year as part of a global agreement with Internet giant Terra Lycos. As part of the global agreement, Lycos Asia has built the new website and will maintain and enhance it over the next few years.

“Lycos Asia will continue to enhance the website together with Manchester United for the benefit of Chinese fans, by presenting them with more exclusive features, events and opportunities to connect with the ‘Red Devils’,” said Mr Michael Ripps, CEO of Lycos Asia.

Some of the key events which will follow after the launch of the website will be a live chat with Manchester United star David Beckham at the end of the year, and a competition to select “ambassadors” for Manchester United’s Chinese Fans.

To participate in this event, fans from all over the country must submit their application online to the website for a chance to be selected as “ambassadors”. The winners will get to meet David Beckham at Old Trafford.

At the launch ceremony, Manchester United’s Mr Gill will donate jerseys, footballs and other articles autographed by his club’s players to Shanghai Charity Foundation. Ms. Yu Hui Wen, Vice-director of the foundation will be there to receive the gifts.

Also present at the launch ceremony will be Mr. Jin Guo Xiang, vice chairman of China Football Association, Director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, Mr.Lu Shen, secretary-general of Shanghai Football Association, Mr. Shen Lei, vice director of Shanghai Football Management Center, and Mr. Paul, Sizeland, British Consul General. Mr. Jin Guo Xiang deliver a speech of congratulations at the official launch of the website.

Chinese football fans will also get a taste of what it would be like to meet their ‘Red Devil’ heroes when Sir Bobby Charlton, soccer legend and former Manchester United player, mingles with them at a theme party – “Theatre of Dreams: Red Devil Passion Night” – to be held at the SOS Disco in Shanghai on the evening of Tuesday 15 October.

The grand finale of the party will be when Manchester United’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham appear on a big screen to say hello to their Chinese fans.

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