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Vemma Nutrition Company is a family-run business, a subsidiary of New Vision company. For the last 13 years, New Vision is a leading healthy and wellness company with more than $1 billion total retail sales worldwide.

The company is reputable for introducing the number 1 liquid mineral supplement in North America. BK Boreyko and his sisters owned both companies, Vemma and New Vision.

Worldwide brand recognition

New Vision is not only reputable in North America but is also a renowned company for manufacturing health and wellness products which are available in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and United States.

What exactly is Vemma? It is a network marketing company that sells the world renowned liquid nutritional beverage, Mangosteen fruit.

The healthy beverage contains vitamins, minerals, green tea as well as antioxidants. Products under Vemma are incorporated into a business model to allow members to earn revenue/commissions based on product sales and registration of new members under their account.

Work from home opportunities for many women

Since the business model was introduced some time ago, Vemma has successfully recruited tons of members due to its lucrative benefits.

Members can work from the comfort of their home and start earning revenue in no time. Besides that, excellent training and support is provided to help members make money 24/7.

This is probably the first question that comes into your mind – Is this a scam? Vemma is definitely not a scam. When you visit its official website, there is a list of customer testimonials to back the claim that this network marketing company actually works.

But then again, there is always a small percentage of people/members who failed to benefit from Vemma products. So, if you want to benefit and start earning your share, you need to work harder and learn to promote and market it the right way.

Extra revenue for selling more varieties of products

The core product by Vemma is none other than the mangosteen beverage. Another best-selling product is NEXT which is catered to children.

You may promote the mangosteen, NEXT and Verve to earn revenue but it will take some encouragement and product demonstration as it is relatively hard to convince and persuade people to buy Vemma products or services particularly among first-timers.

Your strategy to succeed

The best strategy to help double your income is to develop two legs. But that does not mean signing only two individuals to double your income. Instead, try to get as many new distributors as possible. Every time you sign a new distributor, you will earn bonuses and commissions.

If you can recruit and sign more than 30 new representatives every month, it definitely looks good on your portfolio. Besides that, it helps Vemma enterprise to expand and grow in no time.

But here’s the risk – you might end up signing inexperienced distributors who strongly believe that they can build up a business and earn thousands for promoting and marketing Vemma and the products. Well, it is great that you feel excited about your line of products.

However, if these distributors just sit around without the initiative to get new line of distributors, then recruiting them is basically pointless. At some point, Vemma might end up being labeled as a scam.

Therefore, before you sign them up, remember to position yourself as a leader and brief them what they need to do to market the company and products to succeed in the field. Remember, Veema is a home-based business that requires a lot of hard work. You have to seek opportunity to build up your business.

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