Worldwellness offers a lucrative income opportunity for anyone interested in the direct-selling market. The company is 100% Bumiputera owned which was established in 2003 by Prof Dato Dr Noordin Darus who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Founder with a foresight

Dr Noordin is a qualified doctor from Universiti Malaya who served as a Psychiatric Officer as well as the Medical Sports Director with the MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara). Besides that, he is a professional health and wellness speaker who has written several books in these areas.

Growing in numbers and customers

Since its establishment, Worldwellness has grown in numbers where it has already acquired more than 90,000 members with more than 300,000 customers by 2013. Today, it is one of the MLM companies which provide a range of health and personal care products for its customers.

Compensation Plan for members

Worldwellness offers a unique compensation plan which follows the binary system whereby members can enjoy a few methods of income. This includes bonuses for new membership registration, order bonuses, group commissions and others, all of which are specially formulated to encourage more commitment from the members.

Top Products by Worldwellness

  • Worldwellness Rx-Water – Made using, Bamboo-Qun technology, which is the world’s first, it filters your water to taste better and yet healthier for consumption.
  • Worldwellness RxCrystal – This is a perfect addition to water that you consume that can help minimize the risk of sickness. It can de-acidify your water, helps you to de-stress and to detox too.
  • Worldwellness Qnergi Crème – Inspired from vibrational medicine and quantum medicine, this will help to stimulate your body’s cells and tissues so that they continue to function optimally.
  • Worldwellness Qnergi Socks – Never before has stockings been this revolutionary. This bio-stocking is the first that protects your feet with positive energy so you do not tire so easily.
  • Worldwellness Qnergi Scarves – Inner Scarves – The best option for Muslim women to wear this ‘anak tudung’ while enjoying its energy that ensures you stay healthy and bright.
  • Worldwellness BodyCurve – Wear this that can maintain your body’s finesse and structure. Keeps your posture straight and correct while minimizing your hunger and appetite too.

Contact Information
WorldWellness Network Sdn. Bhd.
Address: No.21, Jalan PJS 5/28B,
Pusat Dagangan Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7788 7791

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