4Life Research

4Life Research offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and health advisors with high-quality products and support. Having been around for more than 20 years now, 4Life Research has changed the lives of its customers and members.

Continuous improvements in research

As a health and wellness company, 4Life Research has been involved in improving health and wellness through its products. The innovation and research have been ongoing where it continues to roll out high quality and beneficial products in various categories.

Experts knowledge and development

All the products from 4Life are specially formulated and catered to the current needs of the members. This is done through their own in-house Research and Development team which is comprised of qualified and capable doctors and scientists.

The idea of living healthy

Everyone wants to be healthy. That is the very philosophy behind the commitment at 4Life that people will live life to the fullest when they feel healthy. This is where the 4Life Transfer Factor products are most evident.

The science behind the products

The 4LifeTransfer Factor Science covers areas such as research, technology and innovation which are highly certified and effective. this is where the transfer factors enable the immune cells to identify germs that are harmful and take appropriate action.

The 4Life Research company

The company is known to reward lives and enable people to enjoy healthy lifestyles. As such, it practices a direct-selling model that provides better profit for its members. This has been translated to various awards and accolades that recognized 4Life for these achievements.

Among them include:

  • Campaign of the Year of “Best Immune System Supplements in the United States.”
  • Stevie Award
  • Philanthropy Award
  • and many more

Venturing into Malaysia

4Life has since grown to other parts of the world. Malaysia is the seventh international market and its office opened in 2004 to support the independent distributors and customers in the country.

Top Products by 4Life

  • 4Life TF Plus Advanced – A special formula supplement catered to give your health a better balance made from inositol hexaphosphate, Cordyceps Sinensis, Beta-Glucans, among others.
  • 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida – This beverage is made with juices known for its antioxidant properties such as acai, pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape which can promote better cell activities.
  • 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Stix Tri-Factor Formula Tri – Made from RioVida juice and comes in powder form which tastes good while supplying rich phytonutrients and antioxidants for your body.
  • 4Life Probiotics – Providing your body with helpful bacteria that promotes better digestion and bowel health.
  • 4Life Tea4Life – This tea is delicious and helps to improve your gastrointestinal tract while enhancing blood circulation.
  • 4Life Harvest Plus – Can be taken daily to supply your body with nutrients, vitamins and other minerals. Made from 17 whole plant sources.
  • 4Life NutraStart Chocolate – Formulated for those who are active, it has whey protein and soy with rich fiber that promotes more efficient digestion and cholesterol control.
  • 4Life Oil-to-Foam Cleanser – Made from fermented green tea water and seat water, it soothes the skin while cleansing it from all the stubborn dirt and germs.

Information for Members

  • Login URL: https://malaysia.4life.com/corp/join-us
  • Signing up Price for Distributors: From RM80
  • How to join: Through the website, by mail or through any of the 4Life offices
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