Asea Water

ASEA Water – Combining the benefits of salt for better cell activity

Water is the most important element that your body needs. If the water that we consume is not clean or pure enough, the body will suffer. It is not surprising that millions of people today have health problems and not aware that it coming from the water that they consume, among other factors.

 A Solution needed for lifestyle hazards

It has become quite normal that each day, new cases of people with inflammatory problems, weak immune systems, cardiovascular health conditions, hormonal imbalance and problems with digestions surface. We drink water every day which might not be completely safe and add that with our diet, the air we breathe and factors like stress, it will take a toll on our bodies in the near future.

The ASEA formula

With ASEA, the solution is now available to work at the genetic level that can counter the cellular breakdown problem. This has proven that it could:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Give the body the ability to improve cardiovascular health
  • Maintain better gut health
  • Facilitate the production of enzymes
  • Preserve better inflammatory response
  • Provide better modulation of hormone balance

The technology behind ASEA

More than 16 years ago, a group of passionate people researched and discovered a technology that can create redox signaling molecules that can sustain life. This group was made up of engineers, researchers and medical practitioners where they spent years studying the process which would then become the ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.

Known as ASEA water, it s a safe-to-consume product that comes with active and shelf-stable redox signaling molecules.

What are cell signaling and The ASEA REDOX solution?

Your genes are the agents that give instructions to your cell in the effort to sustain life. The cells, upon receiving the instructions will work accordingly and that keeps the body strong and healthy. A person who is aging will experience slower or more inefficient cell communication. This means that cell signaling will be slower and hence, redox signaling molecules would be needed to preserve this process. That is what ASEA Redox is made for, to ensure that your genes are cells are actively communicating.

This supplement is the first in the world that comes with active redox signaling molecules. In fact, it is the only one with this element known to protect, restore and rejuvenate the cells in the body. It must be noted that such molecules are native to the human body and ASEA water uses a process that is patented where the molecules found in natural salt and purified water are reorganized.

The ASEA Redox Supplement

The ASEA Redox is a supplement that can be taken daily. It has been researched and produced in FDA and NSF-registered facilities to ensure it is safe for consumption. This product helps to facilitate gene expression in the body. ASEA got its name from A and SEA. ‘A’ here is taken from the Latin prefix for ‘from’ and when put together, it means ‘from the sea’. Besides the ASEA Redox, other products are also available which are:

  • ASEA RENU 28 Skin Revitalization products
  • ASEA VIA Source multivitamins
  • ASEA VIA Lifemax, supplement for active lifestyle people
  • ASEA VIA Biome probiotics
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