The brand Coway is perhaps one of the most distinguished when it comes to water filters. It provides a sound business opportunity through a unique compensation plan while offering good quality products for families across the world.

From Asia for the world

The Coway brand originated from Korea. This was way back in 1989 where it has already grown to become a household name today. It practices the MLM or multilevel marketing model involved in water and air purifier products.

Humble beginnings to international recognition

From Korea, Coway has since expanded to many parts of the world. It has a strong brand presence in China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the United States and Malaysia and this is still growing. When it started out, the company used direct-selling of its water purifier product lines.

Less than 10 years later, Coway has grown and established its own Research and Development as well as manufacturing plants. Today, it is known as a LifeCare Company which is true to its original intention.
So successful is this company that has steady revenue in excess of $2 billion yearly since 2015.

Unique business model

Unlike other MLM companies, Coway has its own unique model. Besides selling products, they also provide rental services. This is to cater to those who do not wish to own the high-priced products.

On top of that, Coway can ensure customer loyalty when they rent the machines. This is provided through a service known as HEART where there are Cody or Coway Ladies visiting homes to perform maintenance of the devices.

Types of opportunities with Coway

Through Coway, you can take up several roles while earning a good income. Among them include:

  • Cody – Short for Coway Lady.
  • CS Dr – Short for Customer Satisfaction Doctor. They are the ones who try to provide the best customer services as they are specialists.
  • HP – or Health Planner, these are typically the sales representatives for the company.

Compensation Plan from Coway

Basically, Coway’s MLM model is similar in that you have to recruit members to build your team and to climb up the levels. You can start at Level 1 to 4 which basically means Health Planner, Health Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager.

Among the commission you can earn include:

  • Basic Commission
  • Bonus Commission
  • Performance Incentive
  • Travel Bonus
  • Sales Quota Award

Top Products by Coway

  • Coway Neo – This is an ideal water purifier that can be used for small homes or offices. Comes with a temperature indicator and twist-knob dial.
  • Coway Petit – A sleek design through a chrome-finish with a one-touch sensor, ideal for small setups.
  • Coway Inception – This device is the first hybrid water purifier in Malaysia that gives you alkali ionized water.
  • Coway Lucy – Rental from as low as RM190, it fits perfectly in the modern home, supplying the purest water possible.
  • Coway Breeze – Comes in different modes for different occasions, you get safer air around the premises.
  • Coway Storm – A popular air purifier that comes with an in-built bladeless fan.
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