NHT Global

NHT Global is a trusted brand in health and wellness with a unique business opportunity. Part of the Natural Health Trends Corporation or NHTC, this is a renowned e-commerce and direct-selling company with a global brand presence.

Creating a better life around the world

For more than 15 years, NHT Global has been growing throughout its respective markets. This is translated into the expansion of sales and new products which are all made from natural and pure ingredients.

Changing lives and markets

Products from NHT Global have changed and improved lives across the world into about 50 countries. The company, founded in 2001 offers effective options in its 3 categories trusted to deliver the benefits with positive impact.

From the world to Malaysia

After opening its doors in 2001, the company grew very rapidly. A year later, it moved into the Asia market to Taiwan, Hong Kong and then to South Korea a year after that. There was no stopping as it was ranked second in Fortune’s 2015 Fastest-Growing Companies.

In 2017, the Malaysian office was established.

Income opportunities with NHT

The business model adopted in NHT is a direct-selling platform with a comprehensive support system. It has since surpassed sales of over $500 million through its effective compensation plan. You can start earning the moment you join.

This is where you will function as an RBC or Retail Business Centre.

  • Membership Price: RM213 for Business Builder package
  • Becoming a member: Via the official website
  • Type of Plan: Sponsoring 2 people to activate RBC each

Earning profits as RBC

The most straightforward method of earning is through retail profits where you buy at wholesale prices and earn the margin. Besides that, there are other ways to earn which include:

  • Commission – This works as a generational bonus that supports up to 3 levels.
  • Express Override Bonuses – Earnings based on your performance the sales of the entire team’s worldwide volume.
  • True Matching Bonuses – Allows you to earn bonuses through the members you personally sponsored. Each member is eligible to up to 3 generations.

Top Products by NHT Global

  • NHT Alura Lux – This cosmetic gel has changed skincare and revolutionize the way to improve your health. Made from menthol and L-Arginine, it is paraben-free which will surely give your skin the lift it needs.
  • NHT FibeRich – The ideal daily supplement formulated to improve your digestive system and give you brighter and shiner skin too.
  • NHT BioCell Mask SC – skin moisturizing and brightening treatment mask
  • NHT LaVie – A non-alcoholic drink derived which is extremely rich with herbs and botanical goodness. Made from red grapes from Bordeaux, it is the perfect beverage for any occasion.
  • NHT Adamas Brightening – Your anti-aging solution which protects your skin from the harmful agents found in the polluted and contaminated environment. Maintains the radiance and elasticity of your skin.
  • NHT Premium Noni Juice – A delicious beverage inspired by Pacific Islanders trusted for generations. Known for its high content of enzymes, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • NHT Moisturizing Cleansing Gel – The perfect product and that cleanses your face in totality. Made from Leucojum Aestivum Bud extract, it is gentle and kind for your skin, maintaining better skin cells against aging.
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