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Tupperware is perhaps one of the most successful global brands today. That which makes Tupperware as remarkable and stand-out as a brand is that it achieved its success through the use of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model, something which is not easy and can be very challenging.

Known for generations

In Malaysia, Tupperware is perhaps one of the most established brands where it has been the standard in the food and beverage container brand for many decades. This is widely contributed by the quality of the products being offered by the company as well as its primary focus which is design.

Strong brand loyal customers

Hence, it is not surprising the Tupperware customers are usually among the most loyal to the brand as it is strong and reliable. Today, Tupperware is used in millions of homes around the world and this type of brand loyalty continues to be the envy of many other brands around.

Brand image cemented with customers

The word Tupperware has become so synonymous with air-tight containers that it has become a figure of speech in certain communities.

The philosophy behind Tupperware is to provide products that are functional and contemporary. The company understands the customers’ needs and how they interact in their daily lives.

Products are designed through their Global Design Centres located in Florida in the United States and in Belgium. It is through these centers that Tupperware’s trademark like no-drip pour, microwave friendly vents are created.

International awards and recognition

Through these innovations, it has won awards like the Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Reddot Awards, IF Seal awards and Good Design Awards that recognized Tupperware’s effort and quality of products each year.

Same success in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Tupperware is well-recognized for the same purpose where it is used by thousands of homes and Malaysians from all walks of life.

The brand, which is being recognized as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century by the Guinness Book of World Records remains as one of the top MLM companies not only in the world but in Malaysia where its products continue to be sold and marketed through its large and well-covered network of representatives around the country.

Top Products from Tupperware

  • Tupperware Eco Bottle 750ml – Comes in 2 pieces per pack, this large bottle is perfect for any purpose. BPA free and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Tupperware Zentome Tumbler – Designed to be small and easy to carry around, it is ideal for working out and short outings.
  • Tupperware Rainbow Cube Gift Set – Comes in 6 funky colors, this is great as a gift for storage of condiments and used around the kitchen.
  • Tupperware Cooking Set – BPA free and durable set of 3 cooking utensils, which are the ladle, serving spoon and scapula, it is a must-have in the kitchen.
  • Tupperware Modular Mates Essential Set – Keep your food tightly sealed and stored with this set of multiple sizes that can be easily stacked and kept away when unused.
  • Tupperware Handy Cool 1.0L – One of the iconic tumblers and its easy to use cover, carries up to 1 liter of liquid and nice color.
  • Tupperware Junior Canister – Stores your food away and other items securely and air-tight with this canister. Waterproof and durable of up to 1.25 liter.
  • Tupperware Lolly Tup – Definitely a must-have for the kids, this item has compartments for different food types with lid for portability and reliability.
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