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Xango is perhaps one of the most unique MLM companies in the world today. The product behind the success of this company is the mangosteen fruit. In fact, it is the frist company which marketed the mangosteen drink called the Xango Juice and has become extremely popular today.

This is because the Xango Juice has been researched and formulated to offer a lot of health benefits for the consumer while based on this concept, more products have since been derived. This includes skincare products like the Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care and many more.

Xango is based in Utah in the United States and is now represented by more than 1 million independent distributors around the world. It has a strong network in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe as well as in Malaysia.
Joe Morton is the founder of the Xango brand and through a unique and profitable compensation plan has grown the company into a multi-million business that it is today. Xango Juice is specially formulated and produced under all related regulations to offer a complete mangosteen drink.

As such, Xango’s independent distributors are able to enjoy better financial stability and freedom through several ways of earning. This include retail profit where they purchase the drink at a lower price and sell them at the retail level, earning of points as they buy and many others. Apart from that, there are incentives like cash rewards, prizes and others to encourage more participation and higher motivation to enroll members into the programme.
Mangosteen Beverage M’sia Sdn Bhd (XANGO)
91-G, Block H
Jaya One @ Palm Square
72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 1800-88-8829


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