Cosway Malaysia

One of the most renowned names in the home and personal care segment in Malaysia is Cosway. Part of the Berjaya Group, Cosway has been known for delivering some of the best quality home and personal care products for many years now.

A long history of quality products

The history of Cosway dates back to 1979, making it one of the oldest names in the network marketing sector. What makes Cosway an attractive name is the products that are value-for-money, economical and quality of products.

Safety always comes first

The primary philosophy behind the success of Cosway is its commitment to safety when it comes to the customers. All the products that are made through Cosway’s brand are without harmful agents or artificial additives. Hence, customers are confident and safe when using them and this has always been their expectations ever since.

Cheaper and more economical

With a direct-selling model, this means that customers get to enjoy cheaper products from Cosway. They become members which give them more savings in the long run. Without maintenance fees and overheads for dealers or third-party sellers, customers now can enjoy more the best products without paying premium prices.

Top Products by Cosway

  • Cosway Bioglo Rose Essence Sleeping Mask – Give your face the treatment it deserves when you sleep at night. It needs to rest and the skin needs to rejuvenate while repairing damaged cells. Great fragrance and has all the ingredients like aloe vera that are known for good skin health.
  • Cosway Power Max Bathroom Cleaner – Trying to remove stubborn and unwanted stains that have been accumulating for years in the bathroom. This cleaner is your answer as it takes them out with a simple wipe and reaches in-between tiles too.
  • Cosway Herbal Dlite Tea – Drink this tea every day which is healthy and delicious at the same time. Made from purely organic ingredients, it detoxifies the body while regulating bowel movements.
  • Cosway PowerWash Ultra Hyper Strength – One of the top-selling products, this is the ideal detergent to use that can easily remove stains and dirt from clothes. Each pack gives you up to 100 washes.
  • Cosway Bioglo Pure Aloe with Bioecolia Skin Relief Gel – A multi-purpose cream that every home should have. Gives your skin the relief when there is a rash or an itch. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.
  • Cosway Vitamin Hi C – The kids will love this daily supplement that gives their body better immune systems. It comes in happy colors and flavors of grapes, apples, lemon and strawberries, among others.
  • Cosway Liquid Chlorophyll Plus – Give your body the daily supply of nutrients from this chlorophyll drink made from specially selected mulberry leaves. Suitable to be taken by all ages.
  • Cosway High Protein Soy Whey Protein Isolate Drink – A health drink to help your body regulate the fats and cholesterol. Perfect for slimming program which is high protein and easily prepared.
  • Cosway PowerMax Dish Drops – Use this in the kitchen which comes with a super-concentrated formula that makes dish washing s much easier as it effortlessly removes stains and food remains easily.
  • Cosway PowerMax Wash Drum Cleaner – This is among the most popular products which is made with a special formula that removes the dirt and unwanted residue which can be accumulated for years in the washing machine.
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